[Book] Learn! Korean with BTS Book Package (Unboxing)

by - Wednesday, May 19, 2021


This is my third-time purchase the BTS merchandise after the BTS Winter Package 2021 in Gangwon and BTS HYYH 花樣年華 (The Most Beautiful Moment in Life) – The Notes 1 and 2 (English Version), that I already post the story in my blog. I do love reading books since I'm a child. Nowadays, I do have a lot of books collection in my room include a few Korean Books that I bought when I back to Seoul, Korea, and some of my Korean Books I also bought online if I don't get a chance to back to Seoul, Korea. In this case, I was bought the Learn! Korean with BTS Book thru online with the price RM 398.00 includes the shipping cost from Korea. 

Learn! Korean with BTS Book package is includes the 4 Books Set, 1 Speaking Pen, 1 Micro USB Cable, 2 Hangeul Keyboard Sticker Sheets, and 1 study note (for 1 edition only – compatible with the Speaking Pen). The key point from Bug Hit's second half of 2020 Corporate Briefing about the package is the plotline of the Learn! Korean with BTS will be about a character named "Bora" who learns Korean while traveling Korea and it's appropriate for beginners or medium-level learners. The Speaking Pen reads the word aloud when you touch the word on the books. The voice messages by BTS are hidden in the book so learners will have fun learning Korean. 

It makes my study plans by listening to BTS's voice message. For ARMY hoping to learn Korean by listening to the correct Korean pronunciation, we've brought you the Speaking Pen. The camera in Speaking Pen is equipped with an optical camera and reads the Ncode™, the tiny dots printed in the books. Tap the Speaking Pen on the word, and it will say it aloud. *Please note that Ncode™ id printed on every page of the book as small dots; their dots may be visible on the image and are not defects. 

The Speaking Pen not only comes with Korean sounds, but it also tells you're the meaning in English, Japanese and Spanish to help you understand. Try to find the hidden voices of BTS here and there in the books too. It's so fun while study Korean in this way by yourself. I do enjoy studying Korean again especially during this pandemic period. This book package does help me to recall my Korean learning after I stop to study Korean for a few years. I think after this ARMY can communicate with BTS in Korean, especially during BTS do the VLive. I would like to give 4.8 stars out of 5 stars for these four books.

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