[Book] BTS HYYH 花樣年華 – The Notes 1 and 2 (English Version)

by - Wednesday, May 05, 2021


This is my second time purchase the BTS merchandise after the BTS Winter Package 2021 in Gangwon, which I already post the story in my blog. I do love reading books since I'm a child. Nowadays, I do have a lot of books collection in my room include a few Korean Books that I bought when I back to Seoul, Korea, and some of my Korean Books I also bought online if I don't get a chance to back to Seoul, Korea. In this case, I was bought the BTS HYYH 花樣年華 (The Most Beautiful Moment in Life) – The Notes 1 and 2 (English Version) online with the price of RM 214.66, include shipping cost from Korea. 

This BTS HYYH 花樣年華 (The Most Beautiful Moment in Life) – The Notes 1 is about the memory pieces of the feeling being lost, absence, suffering, and insecurity of the boys facing their fate. It's a collection of notes that tells the story of the Bangtan Universe through the perspective of its various characters. It is the first book of an expected series and a piece of the puzzle that is the Bangtan Universe. 

This BTS HYYH 花樣年華 (The Most Beautiful Moment in Life) – The Notes 2 is the sequel book of the Bangtan Universe which continues following the story of the seven friends facing many challenges and struggles, and the one with the power to save them all. The storyline created by each member plays a character of the same name. The overall story is their connection to each other and learning to heal from their traumas and tragedies. The Bangtan Universe is told through a collection of many different forms of media, including music videos, short films, and the comic Save Me. 

In the beginning, I'm confused reading these two books because the storyline looks like the dairy to me. It takes time for me to understand what's the story that they want to deliver to us to understand their views. I do enjoy reading these two books, especially during this pandemic period. I would like to give 4.8 stars out of 5 stars for these two books.

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  1. Hi. Don't mind sharing which online store that you purchased the books from? Thanks!

  2. Would you like to sell these books?