[Journal] BTS Winter Package 2021 in Gangwon (Unboxing)

by - Tuesday, April 13, 2021


This is my first-time purchase the BTS merchandise in my life. I think during this quarantine period of the pandemic, I fall in love with BTS after I was watching their show of Bon Voyage Season 4 in New Zealand. After that, I can't stop to continue watching their shows include the show that still running, which is Run BTS. BTS makes my mood change slowly from anxiety to self-love. They really can make this world change positively little by little. Their stories, shows, and personalities are can make people feel motivated after we starting to know them. Everything is changing during this pandemic and I also feeling not myself anyone, but BTS help me to find myself back. I was feeling thankful to BTS. 

In early of this year, the new merchandise of BTS is release; which is BTS Winter Package 2021 in Gangwon. Since it's still pandemic and BTS stay in Korea, so this second Winter Package project is making in Gangwon, Korea that only 1 hour away from Seoul, Korea. This package makes me feel to buy it because of the purple pouch that includes in this package. It is so beautiful, so I can't stop thinking about that until I decide to buy it at the price of RM 259.66 that includes the shipping cost from Korea. For the price, I think it's affordable since I can't back to my second hometown at this moment. I wish that I can back to my second hometown after this pandemic is over. 

The BTS Winter Package 2021 in Gangwon includes the Pouch (13 inches with title Winter Package 2021 in Gangwon, army, and photo Wappen), Snowman Wappen (1 set with 7 BTS snowman), Photobook, Making DVD (about 107 mins), Photo Set 4x6, Mini Photo Box, Mini Poster Set, 6-cut Film Photo (Random – I got Kim Taehyung), Photocard (Random – I got Kim Taehyung), and Photo Sticker. 

Everything looks perfect with the five concepts in this 2021 Winter Package, which are Chapter 01, Winter Darkness; Chapter 02, First Spark; Chapter 03, Second Flare; Chapter 04, Third Flame; and Chapter 05, Winter Light. My favorite concept in this 2021 Winter Package is Chapter 01, Winter Darkness.

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