[Lifestyle] W. DRESSROOM New York Dress & Living Clear Perfume

by - Wednesday, April 29, 2020

I not sure if this product brand is familiar in Malaysia or not, but it is one of the product brands from Korea. W. DRESSROOM New York Perfume that Designer Mr. Choi Bum Suk Selects. German luxury undiluted solution, maintain natural and soft scent for bathroom, toilet, kitchen, bedroom, work, shoe rack, car, carpet, valentine gifts. Dress & Living Clear Perfume, Anti-bacteria, deodorant. I saw this product brant at the Hermo website and I decide to try on by buying a few products of W. DRESSROOM; which is (No. 64) Lovely Rose, (No. 49) Peach Blossom, (No. 78) Han Gang, and (No. 80) Gyeong Ju (70 ml each) with the discount price is RM 19.00 from the normal price is RM 32.90. If I not mistake, the product of W. DRESSROOM New York Dress & Living Clear Perfume for (No. 78) Han Gang, and (No. 80) Gyeong Ju is one of Limited-Edition line of this product. 

W. DRESSROOM New York Dress & Living Clear Perfume has stayed W. DRESSROOM Diffuser in the air 2 -3 hours on your bathroom vanity (with Deodorization performance of Ammonia and proven Antimicrobial activity). Explore W. DRESSROOM New York Dress & Living Clear Perfume scents and Home Fragrance with German Luxury undiluted solution. W. DRESSROOM Dress & Living Clear Perfume instantly removes odor from clothing, leaving a scent of the delighted fragrance. The perfume kills bacteria that cause odor instead of just covering the odor temporarily. After testing, W. DRESSROOM Dress & Living Clear Perfume gives an anti-bacterial and deodorant effect about 99.9%. the perfume removes odor from the origin, delivers a refreshing feeling. W. DRESSROOM Dress & Living Clear, instantly removes odor on clothing and different spaces, giving you a delightful feeling with the perfumed fragrance, enjoying fragrance at any time and anywhere; like bedding (bedding that can't be cleaned daily), clothing from the wardrobe (taking out clothing for the season's change), stuffy car (closed space in the car), food smell after meals (odor on clothes after meals), and different feeling and mood (need to change a better atmosphere). 

This brand has a lot of scents to choose from the normal line scents, which are #No.02 Coco. Conut - Absolutely adorable creamy scent with warmness real coconut milk blended with sweet vanilla beans; #No.09 Gogo Mango - The definition of sweetness, sweet mango. A sweet, mouth-watering scent that is soft and warm, just like the sun; #No.11 White Soap - A fragrance that will make you want to rub your cheeks. Feel the warmth and softness of powdery soap; #No.12 Very Berry - Imagine a blackberry at its peak maturity very sweet and tangy with incredible freshness; #No.14 Lemon & Lime - Fresh feeling beneath warm sunlight it is aa fresh blend of lemon and lime; #No.18 Gentleman Code - Scent of a strong man feel the intense aroma charisma of modern and pioneering man; #No.20 Spring Blossom - Smell like springtime with this long-lasting eau de cologne that gathers all your favorite flowers and fruits into one sweet-smelling bouquet; #No.26 Herb Woody - A woody scent that will make you feel like you are walking in a forest. It contains the freshness of lavender and tangerine; #No.34 Always Happy - The sweetest scent will make your day happy imagine a lovely butterfly is happily dancing in the flower garden; #No.41 Jas-mint - The mint overpowers the jasmine in a cooling freshness feel the zesty mint blending with white pure jasmine; #No.45 Morning Rain - Clean and calm moist scent of blooming flowers with a refreshing breeze a small bottle of dew at dawn contains cool and fresh nature; #No.46 Pure Lily - A soft white floral aroma reminding you of a fresh garden it is an exotic and trimmed scent of the lily; #No.47 Fig Leaf - A distinctive scent of fig juice with the fresh green aroma of fig leaf and unique sweetness; #No.49 Peach Blossom - Elegance and sweetness of savory peach it contains the real sweet and fresh peach; #No.50 Green Apple - Dual charm of sweetness and freshness feel the charming freshness of crispy green apple; #No.51 Juicy Grapefruit - Youthful and sweet citrus scents containing a fresh grapefruit fill your day with energy by feeling drink of cool grapefruit juice; #No.53 Mediterranean Breeze - Fresh and clear Mediterranean ocean scent of the refreshing breeze as if you are walking along the Mediterranean coast; #No.55 Green Grape Sherbet - Feel the refreshing scent of a grape sherbet and sweetness of green grape candy; #No.64 Lovely Rose - Fragrance containing the loveliness of a rose inviting you in the elegant and romantic rose garden; #No.72 Sugar Berry - A mixture of rose and berries. It contains the sweetness of peony and gardenia, mixed with fresh berries; #No.90 Pomegranate - Fragrance of mystery and refreshing sweetness of pomegranate feel the energy of fresh pomegranate; #No.97 April Cotton - Fragrance that you want to rub on your cheek feel the warm and silky soft with comfort; and #No.98 Secret Musk - A musky scent that is perfect for all seasons. This scent is both warm and fresh with a mixture of vanilla and lime.

As I mentioned before, this brand also has the Limited-Edition line, which is #No.75 Yangyang Surfing – Enjoy the sparkling sunlight with the crashing waves, feeling invigorating with the cooling refreshing aqua waves incense; #No.76 Yeosu Night Sea – the spacious deep-sea endlessly across the horizon, feels the soft and rich fragrance while enjoying the clear view of the refreshing night-sea; #No.77 Jeju Summit – Enjoy the cool breeze, blowing within your knees, relaxing the blowing of the cool breeze from Jeju island and the fresh greenery scent; #No.78 Hangang – feel the soft scent of the fresh orange cosmos and swaying in the cool breeze; #No.79 Damyang – enjoy the coolness in trees with the gentle woody scent and the refreshing cool breeze; and #No.80 Gyeongju – the sweetness of pink waves, feeling the autumn breeze with the soft floral fragrance

So far, I like this product by multipurpose using even I can use it on my clothes or spray on my space area to change the better mood, especially when I'm at the office. Even the scent only stays by 2 – 3 hours after using but I stay like it because it's small and easy to carry around me. I would like to give 4.7 stars out of 5 stars for this product. 

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