[Beauty] Ryo Evening Primrose Volumizing Conditioner

by - Saturday, April 25, 2020

This is another product from a Korean brand that I would like to try on, which is Ryo Evening Primrose Volumizing Conditioner (500m) with the normal price is RM 40.30 but I got a discount on this product is RM 28.50. I bought this product at the Hermo website. In the previous post, I already make a review about Ryo Jayangyunmo Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo (Oily Scalp) and Treatment; Ryo Hambitmo Damage Care Treatment, Ryo Jayangyunmo Hair Loss Care Essence (Ginseng EX), and Ryo Scalp Deep Cleansing Shampoo & Conditioner (travel size). Then, in this post, I would like to make another review about the Ryo Evening Primrose Volumizing Conditioner.

Ryo Evening Primrose Volumizing Conditioner is an evening primrose scented conditioner that's specially formulated to treat damaged hair. The evening primrose ingredients nutrient scalp and volumizing hair. It's suitable for dry tight scalp and weak flat hair. This product is using selected pure plant materials for care hair healthy and hair scalp. It's also silicone oil-free, no animal ingredients, and no artificial coloring. It contains natural-originated surfactant conditioning. 

This shampoo is given my hair smooth with a nice scent. For me, after using it within a few months, I not sure about the volumizing of my hair because I did not see the difference in that. What's I can see through my hair after using this product is it's given my hair smooth. I would like to give 3.7 stars out of 5 stars for this product. 

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