[Lifestyle] Self-Love and Healing Process of My Life

by - Wednesday, November 13, 2019

"Life is a journey. Life is not a competition. What's was happening in our life, comes with the reason. Whether we'll understand well or later." 

When I saw this quote, it makes me think wisely about that. Sometimes, I forget what's was happen in my life have the reason. It takes time for me to understand the reason what's happened in my life. In the journey to understand it, it makes me a negative person rather than the positive person. I think it's a common stage for a person like me, who is not felt grateful in the first place. After the time is past, its do make me think the reason for what's happened in my life has the reason and I have to feel grateful for what's I have in my life even it's a small thing. Because of that, I'm slowly studying about Self-Love and also the Healing Process of my life. I think I do have to change my life to become a grateful and positive person. Life has to be balanced with the work, family and yourself. 

Recently, the Self-Love or Self-Care that I do practice in my daily life is as per below.

Just do what you love to do, which makes you felt happy.
Sometimes, the simple things I love to do can make me felt happy like watching the K-Drama, writing the gratitude journal, study the Korean language back, and hang out with my family or friends.

Create a visualization board.
I can't remember when I do start to create a visualization board but I do start to do it on the last years ago. It's so helped me to manifest what I want to achieve in my life. 

Visit a new restaurant and café.
In this part, I do love to do visit a new restaurant and café while I'm traveling back to Seoul, Korea and I rare to do it in my city. Just this year, I try to do it in my city.

Be a tourist in your city.
I not sure when I will start to be a tourist in my city. It's because normally I have my activities on the weekend but I'll try to do it soon.

Practice or learn about photography does make me felt happy about it, especially when I post some of it in my Instagram account.

Plan a vacation.
In this part, I always do from the beginning because I feel relieved of my stress while I'm going on holiday at least once a year. When I've free time, I'll try to make draft my travel planning on the next trip. 

Aromatherapy at home.
Last year, I was bought the Muji aromatherapy to relaxing my mind after the stressful day. It's helped my mom and me, especially after work. 

Pick the flowers for yourself.
Normally, I pick the flowers for the blog product photoshoot but after I use it, I will place the flowers around my house for fresh scents so it's can be dual. 

Read or watch something inspirational.
Recently, I like to watch Youtube that talks about self-love or self-care, minimal and simple living, traveling, photography tips, and daily log from the Korean YouTubers.

Take walks in the parks.
Every morning, I will take at least 20 minutes by walking around the parks that nearby my office. It makes me feel fresh and relax after that. It's just nice activates before I'm going to the office. 

Listen to favorite music.
Normally, I'll listen to my favorite music while I'm stress doing my work at the office. Yes, my favorite music is K-pop songs or sometimes I'm listening to the piano instrument based on K-Pop songs too. Its do help me to feel relax in the office.

Eat healthy foods.
Just reduce eat salt and oily foods. I do eat more fruits and vegetables. I do like to start to eat fruits in the first place before I take any meals in my daily life. Its do helps my digestion too. 

Drinks more plain water, especially in the morning.
I think it's normal when you hear about drink more plain water at least 8 glasses per day. Yes, it does difficult from the beginning but I practice to drink more plain water, especially once I wake up in the morning.

Make a bucket list.
For some reason, I always write the bucket list because I want to achieve something I want in my life. This is the way I can do manifest about what's I dream of.

I do admit after I was practice this Self-Love care in my daily life; it's does work on me. I felt grateful and happy what's ever I do. The important point is I'm slowly healing my feeling and I try my best to open my heart. It's a good start to balance my lifestyles. 

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