[Journal] Alhamdulillah~ I'm Proud to Myself…

by - Wednesday, November 27, 2019

The reason I write this topic because I'm want to share something wonderful that was happening to me this year and I'm happy with it, even I'm struggling to achieve it. I put some mission on myself to complete it within 1 year but I take almost 2 years to complete it; which is I'm want to pay the balance of total amount my study loan and also I want to travel to Europe. 

In June 2011, I was success finish my study in Bachelor in Accounting (within 5 years of study accounting) and on that day, I'm official have the debt of my study loan with the draft amount is RM 63,000. Yes, a big amount for a fresh graduate like me. But lucky, I'm entitled to get exempted from my study loan (based on the final CGPA) with the draft amount is RM 22,000. I have to pay the balance of my study loan is around RM 41,000, which starts in November 2011. It's still a big amount to me but I'm quite fast getting a job, right after I finish my final exam in my final year in June 2011. So I try to pay my study loan based on the schedule they give to me; which is starting from the small amount until its increase every 2 years. On the schedule of my study loan, I will finish paid the entire amount on May 2022. 

But I'm feeling a burden about that because of everything I want in my life, I have to cut off and think wisely. I do well to manage my finances in every inch. I wish that I can paid-off my study loan early than the scheduled date. Start in 2018, I keep saving for my study loan and I get to manage to save with the draft amount is RM 16,000. I'm the success to pay the entire amount of my study loan in October 2019. It is just early 1 year 7 months from the schedule. I'm feeling grateful and happy about it. Not to be surprised, I also get to manage some savings for my trip to Europe at the end of November 2019 too.

Yes, finally my dream trip has come true. The day I post this topic is early 1 day of my trip to Europe. Just before 1 day I'll departure to London, England. I'm excited to explore some parts of Europe within 2 weeks in the winter season. The countries I will be visiting are England (London), France (Paris), Belgium (Brussels), Netherlands (Amsterdam), Germany (Frankfurt), and Switzerland (Zurich). I also will be updating my blog post about this trip started in January 2020. I hope I can update these travel diaries of Europe trip as soon as possible. 

Before I forget the bonus part, I also bought the new Samsung S10 phone to my mom, since my mom's old phone (Samsung S4 – the gift from my late dad) not working well now. It is the gift to my mom since she not join her company trip to Beijing, China on 16 October 2019 until 19 October 2019 and at the same time, she getting preparation for the Europe trip, start on 28 November 2019. Maybe it's time; I should gift something special to my mom. 

At this point, I feel grateful that I successful to manage my finances for some of my big mission in the year 2019. It is hard but I can taste the sweet by the end of my life. Yeah, I'm free from the debt, except the utility bills but rather than that, I'm free from any debts. Now, I can start saving from myself and maybe the next part of expenses when I am getting married. I just hope that I can meet my soulmate soon and also getting marries soon. 

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