[Travel] First Vacation in 2016 – Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

by - Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Before this, I was mention on the previous blog post that I have the short trip to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. This trip is just for 3 days 2 nights only. I was going together with my mom and sister. Yes, only 3 persons. That why I called this trip as Ladies Holiday. Plus, the motif I going to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam just for buy the Baju Raya only. Since it's 2 times I have been there so I do not visit many places, I just visit the old Post Office and Church.

This trip is on 23 January 2016 until 25 January 2016 by flight Malaysia Airlines. The last trip I was using flight Malaysia Airlines is my trip to China on 2014. I miss so much flight with Malaysia Airlines. Maybe~ soon.. I also still use flight Malaysia Airlines again but to another destination.

We flight from Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 09:05 am (MST). The journey from Kuala Lumpur to Ho Chi Minh is taken 1 hour 20 minutes only. The funny part is the first time I can't finish watching one movie in the plane. 

Menu on the plane – Roti Planta 

We're safely arrival at Ho Chi Minh International Airport around 10:20 am (VST). As you know, the different time between Malaysia and Vietnam is late 1 hour from Malaysia. We stay at Windsor Plaza Hotel, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and I also asking them to pick up us at Airport on 23 January 2016. I quite surprise when I saw so many people waiting at arrival gate like waiting for K-Pop artist. But I do not see anyone I familiar with. I only recognised hotel's driver that pick up us from Airport to Hotel.

What do can I say? From the busy town, I went to the busy town again. Just the different is country's name. Mostly it is same with Malaysia like Kuala Lumpur. But in Ho Chi Minh, you can see so many motorcycles on the road. I think it's difficult to go the office if the situations like that. Even I also scare to cross the road.

Since we arrive early, so we can't check-in room yet. What's can we do is we keep our luggage's at lobby hotel and we'll check-in back after we back from shopping. Our hotel has shuttle bus service to go Saigon City in every 1 hour so it's easy to us to go anywhere just based on their schedule.

Now, Windsor Plaza Hotel was added extra places on their shuttle bus schedule. The important thing is the shuttle bus service is free to who are staying at the Windsor Plaza Hotel. That why I love to stay at Windsor Plaza Hotel. I can save my transport fees during this trip because all I just using hotel shuttle bus only.

The first-day mission is to find "baju raya" at Ben Thanh Market Saigon Square. We need to find materials and ask them to sew too. As you know, mostly they can sew the clothes just in 1 day and tailor fee also cheaper. 

Here, the baju raya like I say before. All of this is already sewing at Ho Chi Minh – just in 1 day only. Maybe, some this baju raya will be using on my engagement day… Hihihi~ It's beautiful? How about the cost? Okay,~ I will tell in here if material + tailor fee = VND 1,300,000 (all in-around RM 256) – but its look to the material. For me, I always buy the best materials.

Here, I give some advice to you for who look the materials (kain baju raya) at Ho Chi Minh, especially at Ben Thanh Market. You need always to look and check the materials before you decide to buy. At the same time, always check the measure of the materials (bidang kain) because some the measure of the materials is not same in Malaysia. Some of the materials are small measure (size bidang kain kecil) so maybe it's difficult to who have big size.

It's surprising when we are finished shopping baju raya in half day only. So before we are check-in hotel, we take dinner at 1 Malaysia Restaurant, around Ben Thanh Market – since around that area is easy to find halal meals like my previous trip post at Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

After dinner, we are directly checked-in our room. They are giving to us the Executive Room for 3 persons since I request the extra bed. I surprise when I saw they hotel make renovation because all is different since last year I went to Windsor Plaza Hotel. I love the new image of this hotel. It's so beautiful and high technology too.

The second day, before we are going back home – we take this chance to make last minutes shopping of our shopping list. Then, we went to Notre Dome Cathedral Bao Viet Building and Post Office Building of Saigon. This building is just on beside of each others so it's easy to us to go there. Plus our hotel also has shuttle bus to go there too.

The post office of Saigon is open on Sunday because when I go there on Sunday, I saw the entire counter is open to serves their services. Then, I take this chance to play with the postcard and post it to Kuala Lumpur. But until now I still waiting for my postcard from there.

After that, nothing can I do. We are just walking around Saigon City. The trip in 3 days 2 nights is maximum days can I stay at Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam because to me this city is same with Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia too.

Now is time for us going back home. Come Back Home! Our flight from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is on 11 am (VST) so I decide to go International Airport on 8 am from the hotel because I scare we will be stuck in the traffic jam as you know we are the flight on Monday. Even the distance of International Airport from the Windsor Plaza Hotel is not so far, just around 15KM only but the traffic makes it worst.

After I steal all the things of check-out, the Windsor Plaza Hotel staffs were giving to me the birthday prize. They notice my birthday date on the date we're check-out from the hotel. It's so sweet. I'm touching what's they try to do, even it's just a small gifts but I'm so happy. I got chocolate with Saigon City Design and Birthday's Card. Thanks so much Windsor Plaza Hotel Teams! You guys the BEST! Love~ Love~ Love~

I thought already have the long queue at Malaysia Airlines counters but I see only 1 couple was the queue at there. Maybe we're arriving early at International Airport. It's easy, we just show them our passports without confirmation slip and everything is done. We also receive our boarding pass. After check-in our luggage, we straight went to waiting rooms of our flights and play the internet for a few hours.

The journey from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was taken 1 hour 50 minutes. This time, I can finish watching 1 movie on the plane. They serve to us Chicken & Potato Wedges. 

Menu on the plane – Chicken & Potato Wedges

We're safely arriving at Kuala Lumpur International Airport on 02:40 pm (MST). It's such as the beautiful vacation to me, even just short trip but it's enough to me. Thanks to my Mama and Sister, who are always kind to me… Hihihi~ 

I can't wait our next long trips… Soon… Flight again?? Where is my destination on next time? Just waiting… 

P/S: All this photos takes by iPhone 6 only.

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