[Travel] Trend Korea by Explore Seoul, Gangwon, Gyeonggi & Jeju Island on November 2017 (Day 10)

by - Thursday, February 15, 2018

On the tenth day, we're going out from guesthouse around 08:15 am in the morning. It's our last day tour at Seoul, Korea before we're going back to Kuala Lumpur. I feel sad when I have to say goodbye to Seoul.

Our first location on this day is Ewha Women University. What do can I say? This place is the great place to take the photos for Instagram. It's also a quite famous place too. I think many K-Dramas and K-Shows were shooting at this place such as KBS 2 Days 1 Night.

It's the best time to take the photos with disturb by many people is on an early morning. It makes our photoshoot is going smooth. We spend time at Ewha Women University, just for the photo shoot is like 50 minutes.

Address: 52 Ewhayeodae-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

Direction: [Subway] Ewha Women University Station (Line 2), Exit 2.

After that, we're moving to Sinsa-dong area. We visit the Line Friends Flagship Store in Garosugil. This store was selling many things that actually related to the Line friends, which are Brown, Cody, Moon, James, Sally, and Leonard.

Everything in here looks cute but the price is a little bit expensive for me. If you are the Line fans, I think this place is your favorite place to visit while you're going to Seoul, Korea. Every corner is a good place to take great photos with Line charters.

I never miss the chance to visit the Line Friends Café. This Line Friends Café is located on the basement floor in the same Line Friends Flagship Store in Garosugil. The operation hours are almost same with the store.

The interior of this café is most about Line Friends such as Brown, Cody, Moon, James, Sally, and Leonard. I never miss the chance to take the pictures with the Brown big bear, just beside the corner in this café. It's pretty good place to hang out and chill out with friends or family.

This is the funny part of the day. Actually, I was planning to go the one of Korean Actor Café as know as Lee Jongsuk Café in this area. Lucky, I just found one of the unique stores that I really want to go if I get a chance; which is Tamburins Flagship Store in Garosugil. I'm not sure that you know about this store before this. But this is mostly my favorite store out of the stores I have been visited during my trip in South Korea.

Not to be surprised! This store is only selling the hand cream and cream for that moment when the time I visited there. But the all building is for art in every corner in this place. Its huge place and it's also one of the unique stores ever. It's so extra for me. Maybe this place it's great for who is love art. If I not mistake, this store is the beauty store by the brand of Gentle Monster.

After that, we're moving to the Café 89 Mansion. I think most of the Kpop fans are already knew about this place, especially for YG Entertainment fans. The Café 89 Mansion is owned by the Korean Actor of Lee Jongsuk. This café is not really hard to find, even it's not located on the main road. We're deciding to take our lunch here.

As like the café named as Café 89 Mansion, this café's building looks like the mansion for me. The architecture looks simple but it's unique and elegant for me, even I not really art person but I like this architecture. Impressive. This building has two floors; which are the first floor for who just order drinks only and the second floor for dining.

The interior of this café looks like luxury, elegant, minimal, marble, and gold. Most of it, I like this concept. I feel like totally my style. Now, I knew what's kind of interior his likes. Did I mention here, he also likes art? Yes, I think he also put his personal art collection in this café. Every corner of café is the great place for photos on Instagram. It's also the pretty good place to hang out with friends or family, or maybe have relax meeting in here.

After lunch, we're moving to the Gentle Monster Flagship Store in Garosugil. Actually, I not expected that I will be visited this store since I don't know the actual location of this store. I just knew this store is located nearby with the Tamburins Store; which is the beauty store by the brand of Gentle Monster Store. I was lucky; I find this store when I back have lunch at my favorite café in this area.

We're taken our dinner at Murree Muslim Food Restaurant Itaewon area – just nearby the Mosque Itaewon. We order something that related to Korean Beef Meal but I do not really remember what the menu name is. I also not remember the cost eating there but the taste is delicious and I'll go there when I traveling to Seoul, Korea again.

Then, we're going back early to our guesthouse but before that, I decided to take the short walk nearby Hongdae area. I surprise when I get a chance to meet Bi Rain Interview Show of KBS in the Hongdae area. I not expected to have this experience before I going back home.

After we've arrived the guesthouse, we're having to final packing our entire luggage since our flight to Kuala Lumpur on next morning. So I will stop writing about my holiday at South Korea on Day 10. It's nothing much to stories on Day 11 – just the boring kinds of stuff about I'm getting the flight back to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by Malaysia Airlines. That's all.

But I have something I would like to share in here along my holiday in South Korea. I notice something happen to my iPhone 6 along my holiday. I don't know why my phone does not work properly, especially when we're at outside of cold weather in South Korea. Sometimes, when I take the picture using camera iPhone 6 – the photos do not save in my library and the photos are missing. Lucky, I check back and I have to use my cameras such as Fujifilm X-T10 or Samsung NX Mini. Maybe iPhone 6, not weather sealing.

Even it's my sixth time traveling to South Korea, I'm sure I will back again to South Korea in future with more new destinations to explore. I'm will continue to do the project of #CaféSeries and #UniqueStore during my trip in different countries.

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