[Lifestyle] Why Do I Love Seoul?

by - Friday, March 10, 2017

Somehow, a few weeks ago, one of my brother's friends asking me "why do I love Seoul so much?" For a moment, I become blank even I know how to ask that question very well. Maybe I should discuss that in here.

I have been traveling to Seoul, Korea like 5 times but I not traveling to Seoul, Korea only. I have been traveling to Jeju Island and Gangwon-do too. I also have already shared my travelogue stories during my trip to South Korea on my blog. If you have the interest to read about that, just feeling free to visit more my blog. 

The main reasons I fall in love with Seoul, Korea because of K-Pop, of course. If I don't fall in love with K-Pop, I'm sure I don't know about South Korea on today. The K-Pop phenomena are making one of the big revolutions in this world. I'm sure everyone knows about K-Drama, and K-Pop very well especially K-Artists as you know they are so handsome and beautiful. I think because of them, all related to South Korea become so famous right now. Even in Malaysia also have a lot shop that related with it – like K-Foods, K-Beauty, K-Fashion and more. 

The first K-Pop artists I fall in love with is Dong Bang Shin Ki as known as TVXQ. They are from SM Entertainment's company since 2006. I think but actually, I know them as Tohoshinki because they debut in Japan on that moment. I like the way they singing and dance especially during the live stage. It's so smart. I like Shim Changmin (makne of TVXQ) at that moment since we're the same age. After that, I start to research all about K-Pop since my curious is high. I can't stop to doing that in my life. Then I start to know another K-Pop artist like Super Junior, Big Bang and more. 

Don't be the surprise; I went the Super Junior's concert in Malaysia with my university's friends. That is my first K-Pop concert. After that, I quite a lot attend K-Pop concert and Fan Meeting in Malaysia; include CN Blue, B1A4, Block B, 2PM, Jay Park, Big Bang, 2NE1, and more. Then, I take the risk to try attending K-Pop concert in Seoul, Korea, and Tokyo, Japan. Of course, it's related with YG Entertainment's artists. Yes, I love them so much. Thank my lovely friend, who make my dream come true.

The second reasons are K-Beauty. Nowadays, I love so much K-Skincare brand products. I have been trying lots brands from South Korea. For example, like The Face Shop, Etude House, Laneige, VDL, Moonshot, Innisfree, Natural Republic, The Seam, The Odbo, and 3CE. Currently, I use Korea skincare brand's Laneige and Innisfree for my skincare routine on every day. I have been using Korea skincare products since the year 2012. I fall in love with Korea skincare because the result always not makes me down and their product is suited to my skin. My skin type is combination and oily on T-zone but sometimes I have acne too. It depends on the weather too – during winter time, my skin will become dry sometimes when I traveling to the country that has a cold weather like spring, autumn, and winter seasons. 

Most of my skincare products', I bought is from Seoul, Korea when I traveling to Seoul, Korea. It's because the price is cheaper rather than I bought in Malaysia. It's normal the price increase a little bit from Korea. The price in Malaysia includes shipping cost and another cost. So that why, I will buy a lot of skincare products for my stock in here when I traveling to Seoul, Korea. 

Since that, I quite famous among my friends because of that – I become the personal shopper for them; sometimes they ask me to buy some of Korea Skincare products' for them and asking me about my honest opinion of Korea Skincare products' I have used before this. It's easy to buy K-Skincare product when I traveling to Seoul, Korea because everything I can easy to get the K-Skincare product or K-Cosmetic product I want to try. 

The third reasons are K-Place. On this part, I'm sure all of you know the reason it's, right? Of course, I try my best to visit more places like café and shops that related with K-Artists. Nowadays, a lot of Korean artists was open their own café or shop for their fans. I have been visiting many of it during my trip and I never feeling boring to visit it again. Most of it is open in Seoul are so maybe that why fans easy to go there during trips but I have been visiting the places is outside Seoul like Dolce Vita Pension. Maybe soon, I will visit Jeju Island for same reasons. You know why?

The fourth reasons are K-Fashion. I love Korean style and fashion. Somehow, I feel that all their style suits my taste and it's not sexy too. That why fans in Malaysia love Korean style and fashion so much. It's quite trending in here too. Everyone willing to wear Korean style on every day in here so when Korean people traveling to Malaysia especially Kuala Lumpur, they will feel like in South Korea too. Everywhere, you can see the things that related to South Korea in here.

The last reasons are K-Food. It's because Korean foods style is familiar with Malay food taste too. We also love spicy foods like Korean people too. Actually, my brother, sister, and mom also love to eat Korean foods sometimes on the weekend hangout. Maybe some of you notice on my Instagram, I quite a lot of post photos about Korean foods. It's because I miss South Korea so much. I do not yet travel to South Korea since 2 years ago so I will try my best to back again my hometown in this year. Yes, somehow I can feel that South Korea is like my hometown. 

Some of the extra points, since I fall in love to South Korea so much I was studying Korean language but I not much practice it. I feel like I have been forgetting quite a lot Korean words and grammar, maybe it's time to me for study back before I going back my hometown soon. I have to find the fun way to enjoy my Korean study. Wish me luck.

That all, the reasons are why I do love Seoul so much. I hope with this information will answers so questions on your minds.  

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