[Journal] How's My Life after 6 Months without My Dad

by - Monday, March 06, 2017

Hard to say what's had inside my heart now. Sometimes, I don't know how to show my expression of my feeling to people around me. I think they do understand my feeling sometimes – just looking my expression on my face because they say I can't hide it well and they can see thru my face only even they don't know the reason why?

Of course, I'm close with both of my parents. When one of them passes away, it gives me the big impact of my life. Before this, my life is depending with my dad and now I've done many things by my own. It's hard and also makes me feel so tired. My mood is down and mostly I like to stay at home.

I know I should not write this in my blog since its public but somehow, I feel that I should write this. I think it happens to some of the people too. When before this, one want to know what's happen to your family; how to straggle we're before this but after one of them passes away – they keep asking about the assets that they believe they have rights to get the assets. It makes my mom and me feel so sad and stress when we think about this. I don't know what is they thinks in their mind? How can they live like that?

The one thing I really understand is when someday we pass away – we didn't bring anything even the assets we have or how much the money we've in this world. Just remember, GOD will see, hear and know what's really happen. Once you do the bad things to someone, someday you will receive the worst things into your life. I don't understand why they to that to my family even they are as a families members. Somehow, an outsider is more understand and will to help us rather the families member who wants the assets that not belong to them.

I know I not alone in this world because some of my friends' very concern about me after my dad passed away. They are trying their best to make me happy and hang out together but I really need time to healing my feeling by myself. Actually, I feel bad and guilty to make them like that. By the way, thank you for understanding me.

On early on this year, I'm back active in blogging and I think on this way it's will make me busy even though I'm busy with my work at the office too. While I busy, I can think another thing without feeling sad and moody, when sometimes I think about my dad. Maybe my dad also wants me to move on and happy. I don't know what's to say anymore – you guys always beside me and keep give me your unlimited supports. I'm very lucky to have all of you in my life.

After this, I'll busy with my new projects. I'm feeling excited and happy when thinking about it. I try my best to make my next projects is successful. Soon~ I will update about my next projects on my blog. Stay tune…

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