[Travel] Wonderful Trip to Turkey with Spring Tulip 2016, Day 11

by - Wednesday, June 29, 2016

We safely arrive at Hamad International Airport Doha, Qatar on 21:35 pm (Qatar's Time). Mr. Zues is straight checking our Gate No. for next flight from Hamad International Airport Doha, Qatar to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), since we just transit a few hours at Doha, Qatar. 

After everything is done, we straight walk to the transit line, which is we have to thru the body checking before we are free for our own activities. It's quite surprising when I arrive at the body checking counter. The line is too short, maybe its night flight is not many and just our plane landing on that time so it's taken short time only. So we have almost 5 hours before next our flight on 02:50 am (Qatar's Time). 

Nothing much can I do at Hamad International Airport Doha, Qatar because I feel so tired, sleepy, and I also don't have the mood to shopping. Just walk around before waiting and take a nap during waiting duration. 

The duration journey from Hamad International Airport Doha, Qatar to Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia is around 7 hours 25 minutes. This plane is quite big too. The seating arrangement is 2 – 4 – 2. Our flight no. is QR0846 (DOH/KUL). We also got the arrival blue cover of Qatar Airways boarding pass. 

The things from Qatar Airways that we're got on the plane are refreshment towel, pillow, blanket, small bag, and earphones for entertainment. The special about inside the small bag are eyes mask, teeth brush, stocking, and earmuffs. It's same like our flight from Kuala Lumpur to Doha on the first day my vacation.

Even though, I seating at economy class areas but it's so comfortable and nice too. The seating space on the plane is also just nice. Their cabin crews are nice and friendly to me. If not a mistake, our plane is having cabin crew from Malaysia Airlines because the one of the cabin crew is speaking Malay with my sister and me when he serves us.

This time does not have menu catalog but since its night flight, we got 2 times meals, which are the first is snack then after following hour's main menu. The meals on the plane I choose from Doha, Qatar to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia are chicken sausage and potato like before too. Everything flight with Qatar Airways is the BEST. I miss these moments so much.

We safely arrive at Kuala Lumpur International Airport on 30 April 2016 (Saturday), around 15:15 pm. That mean our vacation at Turkey is already the end, 11 days 8 nights with wonderful memories. Now my dad non-stop talks about this trip, he loves so much. I'm happy when all is happy too.

Before I forget the postcard of my sister and I am arriving after 1 month at our home. They just use air mail, which is not having the stamp on our postcards. At first, I thought I can see the Turkey stamp but I don't know they use air mail to send our postcard. It's okay since we already got our postcard. 

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