[Travel] Wonderful Trip to Turkey with Spring Tulip 2016, Day 7

by - Monday, June 20, 2016

Time is running fast when I went to the holiday. Now, time to me for share the stories on Day 7. This tour is longest journey among all the day I at Turkey Trip. This day we head to the Mediterranean southern part of Turkey.

This journey is from Kusadasi to Pergamon (195 km) and it took around 2 hours 30 minutes by bus. Then we continue our journey from Pergamon to Bursa (272 km) and it has taken around 4 hours. It's because traffic held to Bursa is very jammed.  As you know, Bursa is the forth large city in Turkey.

Before that, we visit the Leather Outlet Center and enjoy a live fashion show. Everything in here is quality and fashionable but the price is very expensive to me. For the minimum price, just one leather jacket is EURO 600, maybe around RM 2,745.

Me become the geust of the Fashion Show Runaway of the Laether Jacket. It's my first experince and it's so fun too. After we enjoy the show at Leather Outlet Center, we stop at ancient Pergamon en-route to Bursa.

We take lunch before we head to Asklepion. This lunch concept is same like before but only the menu is different on day by day. This time, we got the chance to taste the famous beef steak with wheat.

It's time to visit Asklepion, after lunch. The Asklepion, an ancient medical center built in the honor of Asklepion, the God of Healing. It was the world's first psychiatric hospital. The Asklepion gained prominence under the Romans in the 2nd century AD, but a sacred site existed here as early as the 4th century BC.

Many of the treatments employed at Pergamum, in complement with a sacred source of water that was later discovered as having radioactive properties, have been used for centuries and are once again finding the modern application.

The treatments included psychotherapy, massage, herbal remedies, mud and bathing treatments, the interpretation of dreams, and the drinking of water. Quite unlike modern hospitals, everybody who was anybody was dying to get into the Asklepion: patients included Hadrian, Marcus Aurelius, and Caracalla.

But then again, the Asklepion was more like a modern spa than a hospital: therapy included mud baths, music concerts, and doses of water from the sacred fountain. Hours of therapy also probed the meaning of the previous night's dreams, as patients believed dreams recounted a visit by the god Asklepios, who held the key to curing illness.

Galen, the influential physician, and philosopher who was born in Pergamum in 129 AD trained and then later became an attendant to the gladiators here.

We spend like 2 hours at this place before we move to Bursa. For me, Bursa quite similar with big city – as you can see, traffic at Bursa city is same at Istanbul city too. Everywhere have to face traffic jammed. We stay at Tiara Termal Hotel Bursa just for 1 night only and we take dinner at this hotel too. Here, is our room.

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