[Travel] Wonderful Trip to Turkey with Spring Tulip 2016, Day 8

by - Wednesday, June 22, 2016

It's time to explore Bursa, Turkey. Bursa is the forth large of population citizen Turkish so it's one of the busy city in Turkey.

After breakfast, we start the tour at Ulucami (Grand Mosque) in Bursa, Turkey. Bursa' Ulu Cami (Great Mosque) or Grand Mosque is at the western and of Ataturk Caddesi (the main city-center boulevard in Bursa's city center, a great big stone box topped by 20 domes.

This style of mosque architecture is a big stone square or rectangle topped by small domes. It is characteristic of the early Seljuk Turkish Empire. Bursa's was built from 1396 to 1399 with money provided by Sultan Yildirim Beyazit (1360 – 1403).

Though plain on the exterior, the Ulu Cami has the impressive portals typical of Seljuk architecture, and is quite grand on the inside; a forest of mighty square columns supporting a cloud of arches and domes. At the center, a glass-covered opening lets in ample light, providing a central visual focus within the large space.

Though simple, the design is well suited to Muslim worship, providing a vast covered space that can hold thousands of worshippers in the lofty atmosphere.

Situated between Bursa Grand Mosque and Orhan Mosque, Kozahan was built by the great architect Abdul Ula Bin Pulat Sah as a foundation for historical works in Istanbul by the order of Ottoman Sultan Bayezid II in 1491.

There is found a sadirvan (water tank with a fountain) with 95 rooms in the middle of that magnificent structure. The stores of Silk Bazaar contains high quality and cheap productions such as silk fabrics, silk scarfs, shawls, outfit materials, artistic goods, dowery, home textile products, underwear, silver and the other valuable souvenirs. In the east of the Han, there is placed the second yard named Dıs (Out) Koza Han. It is opened to Long Bazaar with its portal ornamented the blue charming tiles. At the past, it was named as Cedid-I Evvel, Simseh Hani, Beylik Caravansary, Beylik Han, Cedid-I Amire and New Caravansary.

The second mosque, we visited is Green Mosque and Green Mausoleum. The Green Mosque is its architectural gem, exemplifying the movement from the Seljuk Turkish hypostyle Ulu Cami the great mosque domed mosques of Edirne and Istanbul.

The Green Mosque, commissioned by Sultan Mehmet I Celebi and finished in 1424, is set on the promontory overlooking the valley (now urban sprawl). It takes its name from the green-blue tiles of the interior.

The mausoleum is adorned with attractive turquoise green tiles while the ‘Jewel of Bursa' Green Mosque stands out as architecture with its exquisite façade.

Mostly Bursa Turkish is so kind and friendly, when they try hard to speaking with us about the most famous foods and place around Bursa that we can visit, even they only can speak in basic English with us. I so appreciated what's they do to us. I going miss those moments so much now.

We also get the chance to visit the market just around the Green Mosque. It looks so cheaper rather in Kuala Lumpur, especially fruits, vegetable, fish, and bread. 

Our lunch is the famous Iskender Kebab. Iskender Kebab is one of the most famous meat foods of northwestern Turkey and takes its name from its inventor, Iskender Efendi, who lived in Bursa in the late 19th century.

The view from the restaurant
It is a kind of doner kebab prepared from thinly cut grilled lamb basted with hot tomato sauce over pieces of pita bread and generously slathered with melted sheep butter and yogurt. Additionally, one cylindrical kofte can be placed on top. It is commonly consumed sira as a drink to aid digestion. Tomato sauce and melted better are generally poured over the dish, at the table.

After lunch, we move to Istanbul, Turkey. Along the journey from Bursa to Istanbul is 230 km and it is taken around 4 hours. It is because the traffic. We also take the chance to ride the ferry. It's so fun.

Yes! Welcome to Istanbul, Turkey! Istanbul! Aku Datang!

While, we arrive at Istanbul, Turkey. We take dinner before check-in room hotel at Taksim Gonen Hotel Istanbul for 2 nights stay. It's the view from our room.

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