[Travel] Say Yes to Travel on Every Year

by - Friday, March 25, 2016

Every year, I try my best to make the great planning for my next trip either with family or friends. But that don't mean I'm rich or what; I just love to travel around the world.

I know travelling can cost a ton of money for non-savvy, but I know some method that can make great saving for travelling and at the same time, I'm good in making the great itinerary of my next trip. If my plan for the free and easy trip. I would like to share some methods that I always use for planning my trip.


Normally, when I don't know where to travelling? Usually, I will visit Matta Fair for getting the idea. Matta Fair is the big travel expo in Malaysia; like the people, who love travelling, they will visit there too. Lucky, this event has two times on every year; which is on March and September.

Mostly, Travel Agent Company and Tourism Organization also join in this travel expo. Just in one place, all the visitors can get the information for their trip. It's simple and easy. So I can get the information about the destination and also the price of Travel Agent Company can offer to me. That is really great travel survey.

Sometimes, the idea of next destination just pop-up in my head, then I discuss with family and friends, who are have interested in joining me. After that, I make a survey on the internet about the destination I will visit soon.

If the destination I was feels really confident about it, I would like to plan my trip as free and easy. If not, just take services by Travel Agent Company – who are can offer a good deal. But everything would come out based on our budget too. So you are if plan trip by using Travel Agent Company, don't worry about anything because all will be set up by them. Just enjoy your holiday. But if you are plan trip as free and easy, just take the a few steps as below, here.


If I decide to go travelling as free and easy, I'll do the draft itinerary about the destination so I'll know how many days should I spend on the vacation before I choose the travel date to buy the air ticket. Mostly, I will wait until I got the promotion price of any airlines can offer to me. I make the subscribed to the newsletters of any Airlines Company on their official website so I can get the newsletters on my e-mail. It's so useful when I want to know about the promotion price of the air ticket.

Sometimes, when I so excited to think about my holiday – I did not notice that I can make the details itinerary. The all of the information I needed, I will put all in one itinerary – which are the subway station, booking confirmation number, address, and more. It makes my holiday is easy.


Normally, when we talk about air ticket – some of them will think the air ticket is quite expensive but for me, it does depend on the situation too. For sure, I will avoid buying the air ticket during a public holiday or schooling holiday period because duration those days the air ticket will be a little bit expensive. This concept is same when to booking hotel too.

More tricks to buy the cheaper air ticket are booking the air ticket on mid-night because, during that time, the internet traffic is not too busy like working days. Then, try to join any point program under Airlines Company. For example, in Malaysia have two famous programs under Airlines – which are Enrich Miles Program under One World Member Airlines like Malaysia Airlines and another one is Big Loyalty Program under Air Asia. Collect as many points when bought the air ticket, then redeem the points for them. It's can save your money during travelling. Sometimes, it also will make you buy the air ticket at the cheaper price or free too.


Like I say before this, try not to booking the hotel during the public holiday and schooling holiday period, even it's in your country or the country that you will visit soon. Normally, the price during that period is quite expensive. Do some survey about the public holiday and school holiday before you make any reservation for your hotel room.

Lucky to me, when my parents is the member of one the hotel program (Swiss-Garden International Vacation Club) – which is I can get the member price during I make reservation of any hotels are affiliated with that member's program even its in Malaysia or overseas but sometimes it's free too as a member's club. The member's price is quite cheaper rather the normal price. I think all my friends and families members already know about this because the most of my vacation have related with Swiss Garden Hotels.


The public transportation is the way to make the saving of travel money during the vacation period. Mostly, I like to ride the subway because it's easy and convenient. Try to get an experience like locals on a daily basis because they are very good in make the saving.

That all the methods that I always do during make vacation plans. Feel free to make some researcher or survey for your vacation. That why I can say YES to travel on every year. Now I can't wait to travel again on next month. I feel so excited until I thought next week is my vacation's days.

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