[Event] MATTA Fair 2016, Begin!

by - Saturday, March 12, 2016

One of the big travel events I was waiting for this year. Just in one place, I can get useful information about traveling to the overseas. Even I was working at Japan Travel Agent that not means I know everything about traveling, so this is the right place to me. I just looking extra information to next my destinations on this year.

As you know, this is the first part of MATTA Fair in 2016. It's because MATTA Fair have 2 times events in every year so it's easy to everyone make a survey to their next destinations. The information of MATTA Fair 2016, I posted before.

This event does not only have traveled agent company but the tourism organization in Malaysia and also from another country also join this MATTA Fair, like Malaysia Tourism Organization, Korea Tourism Organization, Japan Tourism Organization, Australia Tourism Organization and more. Normally, for extra information about the country I have the interest to visit after this, I just visit the booth of tourism organization. That's because all the information and pamphlets are free. It's great if you want to travel aboard as free and easy. So you can plan your trip so well.

If you just needed service from Travel Agent Company for your trip, don't worry about it. I sure they as travel agent company will give to you the special price with a great itinerary that would make you smile and excited to waiting for your trip soon. Just need good survey especially on the itinerary and prices, before you decide to a choice of any Travel Agent Company.

Normally, I just direct walking to go the international section of MATTA Fair. Even it also has the domestic section too. That is my way to go travel. So if you have planned to have the vacation in domestic, you can visit the domestic section just after you enter the entrance of MATTA Fair.  

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