[Lifestyle] What’s in my Bag?

by - Saturday, August 15, 2015

Nowadays, I simply carry my Charles & Keith handbag for travelling to the overseas. Tomorrow, I’ll flight to Seoul, Korea for my late summer holiday with my best buddy. Let’s us see what’s in my bag during travelling. The most important things I have to carrying are my passport with Bonia passport cover (of course), iPhone 6, iPad Air, Samsung Smart Camera NX Mini and purse. The other matters, I am always carrying are Blog Business Cards with Korea Design Business Card Cover, Battery Bank, Cable Apple, iPod,  Lip Balm, mouth mask, wet tissue, and tissue. These things never leave my handbag during travelling and a duration flight to Seoul from Kuala Lumpur is always taken 6 hours 45 minutes. Simply imagine what could I do on the plane?

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