[Inspiration] Blogging Essentials

by - Sunday, August 02, 2015

This is the first time I post about my blogging tools considering how long I’ve been doing this. Before this, I like to reading and studying from another blogger about their blogging tools and today time for me to share it. My essentials have definitely changed over the past 3 years, but the basis elements are still pretty much the same.

Panasonic Lumix Camera FZ150 – even its digital camera, but this model is quite familiar with other DSLR. I’ve had my Lumix Camera for nearly 4 years, it's just beginning to my interest in photography. It’s always delivers great results with 24x zoom. Most importantly, I try to take pictures with this camera by using manual mode to make the great result. Simply decide your own picture’s style, not your camera decides for you. That's the wonderful advice from my cousin to me.

Samsung Digital Camera NX Mini – another my digital camera that I always bring with especially during vacations. This camera is perfect for selfie and it’s easy to transfer the photos directly to smart phones with HD pictures. The important thing is this camera is small and comfortable to carry anywhere – just put it in handbag only. Most my pictures are from this camera.

MacBook Air – it’s not necessary to have a MacBook for a blog, I just big fans of Apple product since I bought iPhone4 in last 5 years. Nowadays, I have quite a lot Apple products – I comfortable using their products because reliable and friendly user. I've never really had any issues with them. For me MacBook Air is the best choice because I need something that I could easily get on the go with me.

IPad Air – most I always carry all the times after iPhone 6. I love iPad because it’s easy to check incoming email and status in a social network with big screen. Sometimes I like to watch video thru iPad; especially during I not bring MacBook. As a blogger, for sure we’ve received a lot of incoming email on everyday so I can easily reply and read all my email by thru iPad.

IPhone 6 – the important things in my life. Sometimes I take the beautiful pictures just by iPhone only. I also always was using iPhone to update the latest status in my social network like instagram, twitter, Facebook and interest.

Note Book – always use manual methods to write all the ideas for blog posts. As a blogger, sometimes we’re stuck with no ideas to write something so I always write any ideas in a notebook before I make draft to post on the blog. Mostly, the ideas always come during working time in office so I’ve to write first on notebook before it’s gone and I make a draft of a blog post.

Calendar Book – of course I’ve schedule all my blog’s post and I choose to update blog on weekend because just on that time I’ve free time. I pick out the topics on every month, so it’s made me easy to focus on it.

iWaterMark – the application I always use to edit pictures and set watermark in my pictures before upload in my blog. Yes, I put watermark in all my pictures on my blog since someone take it before without any acknowledgment to me so I’ve to do this.

That all my blogging essentials since first year I start in blogging world.

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