[Travel] Hello Singapore!

by - Thursday, March 05, 2015

I've back from my first holiday in year 2015 at Singapore on 1st February 2015 with my lovely parents. It’s so amazing holiday even it’s just 1 day tour at Singapore. I take this chance to visit my sister at Singapore. My sister is becomes our guide tour at Singapore. She takes us many places around Singapore. The funny part is when she told us that only 20% of places at Singapore that we are goes before. It’s still have a lot of places to us to visit when holiday at Singapore. 

Here, among the place I've visit at Singapore.

Last time, I visited Singapore on 2012. Now in 2015, I can see so many different if to compare in 2012. Its have many place to visit in Singapore and 1 day trip is not enough for me to visit all the interesting places in Singapore.

We got chance to visit my sister's office, which is Anglo American at higher floor in the building. At the same time, I take this chance to take a few pictures of beautiful Singapore city from her office cafe. The view is so wonderful. 

Maybe on end on this year, I’ll go there again for cover many places that I not get chance to visit on last month. 

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