[Shopping] Care for Body with Bath & Body Works.

by - Monday, February 23, 2015

It’s quite surprised when I saw the store of Bath & Body Works at The Curve Shopping Mall. That mean, these stores have been in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I went to Singapore on last 3 weeks ago and my sister recommenced me to this product. It’s quite same of Body Shops’ product but it’s more to variety type of lotion, bath shower gel and body mist. 

The Bath & Body Works Store are body care store from USA. These products are getting trust from people around the world. Now, these products have been in Malaysia. Then, I take this chance to try personally of these products. The price is not too expensive for me. It’s okay; everyone can buy and try it.

Among the product I bought are…
1. Japanese Cherry Blossom, Shea & Vitamin E – Body Lotion
2. Paris Amour, Shea & Vitamin E – Body Lotion
3. aromatherapy Sleep Sommeil, Lavender Chamomile – Body Lotion
4. Mentha Lip shine Brillant A Levres No. 1180 – 100% Natural Vanilla & Mint

Soon… I’ll make review of these products, after I try it… Let’s share with me, if anyone already tries this product before…

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