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by - Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Did you know the main cause of female hair loss? 

Let’s me explain a little bit about this. The main causes of female hair loss are pregnancy, pressure, weight management and hair grooming. Those big challenging modern women will cause weak blood circulation, which is the main cause of hair loss. 

The pregnancy and post-natal would easily cause hair fall due to imbalance hormone. Usually stress, pressure, weight gain and weight loss is the main cause of female hair loss, its will happen on any women on this modern world. Pressure would easily cause hair fall. Too mush mental work, mid-night work will cause body and mental pressure, less sleep might affect nutrient absorption and cause hair fall. Dye hair, perm and rebonding also the main cause of hair loss. The chemical contents will damage scalp and cause hair falling. 

For me, I have a problem about hair loss since high school but it’s become serious during I study at university until I’m working. It’s because of pressure and stress. I’ve been try so many product to control my hair loss but it’s not give me a good result until I found this brand – “Bawang” by using Chinese herbal.  Nowadays, “Bawang” have special treatment for Ladies Hair Fall Control Set. I’ve been using Ladies Hair Fall Control Set since January 2015 and I like the result of my hair. 

The principles of Bawang Ladies Hair fall Control Set are to developed and targeted on female hair loss. Natural and mild anti-hair fall composite essences on every drop, 3 in 1 hair fall control treatment ingredients. 

The 3 principles of Bawang Ladies Hair Fall Control Set aim to solve female hair loss: 

1. Accelerate blood circulation 
2. Nourishing
3. Pressure relief

The 3 effectiveness of Bawang Ladies Hair Fall Control Set contents:

1. Angelica and Ginkgo Leaf, which inspire hair scalp and hair root vitality.
2. Polygonum Multiflorum and Medlar, which continuously replenishes lost in hair.
3. Mint, which releves scalp pressure.

It’s effectiveness to inspire hair scalp to input the necessary nutrition which is good for the hair growing, reducing hair fall, and making your hair healthier and thicker. I also like the smell of these shampoo and condition, because it’s not smell like Chinese herbal. 

How to use it?
Ladies Hair Fall Control Shampoo is applying to wet hair, gently massage the scalp and roots in 3 – 5 minutes with finger tips to work in lather. Rise thoroughly with water. Finish with Bawang Hair Fall Control Conditioner to maximize hair loss control effect.

Ladies Hair Fall Control Conditioner are after washing with Bawang Ladies Hair Fall Control Shampoo, apply an adequate amount of conditioner from mid lengths to ends of hair and gently massage with finger tips for 3 – 5 minutes, use in combination with Ladies Hair Fall Control Shampoo to maximize hair loss control effect.

Meanwhile, I also was using the hair treatment of Kerasys Salon Care of Nature Clinic System – Moringa Voluming Treatment from Korea. The hair treatment is for maximize the hair loss control effect and growing hair for look more beautiful. Once I use this product by twice on every week, I can see the result about it. I love my hair after using both of these products. It’s look more natural rather than before. My hair becomes smooth and healthy. 

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