[Journal] Nina Neulrin Blog’s Name Card!~

by - Thursday, July 03, 2014

Oh! Blogger Name Card?!!! ~

Yes! Now, my blog already have name card.
Finally, I found the AWESOME design that really suit to my personality – which are pink and gold. I LOVE Pink and Gold! (^_^)

Even this name card design look design look simple but it’s hard to do because it use hot stamping and embossed. I also need to redesign this name card since many printing shop in Malaysia can’t do it. This name card almost takes 3 weeks to finish it.

Actually, I was notice on last year 2013 when I were attend some events and someone asking me about my blog’s URL. So I need to write it on small paper to give to them but it’s a bit tired to write same thing for more 20 people in one time. I was thinks it’s easy if I already have blogger name card to exchange with them ant at the same time I got new blogger friends too.

Now, I’m ready to exchange my name card to everyone when we meet up soon~ Hihihi~ How my name card design? It’s nice?~  I was order to make this name card in cost almost RM 250 for 600 pcs only. It’s sound quite expensive but it’s worth to me and I like it.

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