[Journal] The Light Will Rise Again, Life Goes On…

by - Wednesday, February 10, 2021


When I think back to what was happen on last year, it's a tough year for everyone including myself. Now, we already in 2021 and we are survived thru the tough period. I hope this year, it's will be good again like our previous lifestyle before the pandemic begin. I admit during the quarantine period and every problem that I have to face during this pandemic, it's made me feel anxious dan less motivated. I also hard to find myself to become motivated and a positive person again. All my works become pending even I feeling hard to find time to do what's I like to do. Sometimes I feeling everything is pointless… until someday, I find the story motivation about BTS. At that moment, I think I'm slow like them and in other words, I'm a new ARMY. The first song like really makes me feel cheerful again is Dynamite from BTS and then, the new album BTS – BE. That new album makes me think, I'm not alone in this world especially during the pandemic and quarantine period. Everything looks tough but I have to admit this new normal. 

This year is the second year, that I have been celebrated my birthday during the pandemic. But I feel grateful to my Mama, who is always beside me even my life is up and down, especially during this pandemic. Nothing special during my birthday but I do have feeling grateful for the gift I received from my Mama and Jo Malone London. I also try to cook the Miyeokguk or seaweed soup by myself during my birthday. It's delicious for me. I think the last time I was cooking the seaweed soup on last 5 years ago. Even my Apple Watch Series 5 also show wish to me. It's cute and I like it so much. Because of the pandemic, we can't celebrate New Year but we can still celebrate it with our family and friends at home. I also found that my Apple Watch Series 5 show the New Year wish to me. It's something new for me. 

It's nothing much that I can do during the quarantine period, but I know that I have to try to practice feel grateful in every moment in my life even it's just a small matter. It does help me feel calm and I can relax my mind to not always thinks about negative especially when I saw the news about the pandemic situation. In these moments, I do watch the old program that is related to BTS. I admit that BTS does help me to find a way to love myself indirectly to thru this hard time and I like Min Yoongi's character among the BTS members. Thank you to BTS as 7 members because you guys really can make changes positively even in a small part of our life. I do hope the year 2021 will become more positive and we can back on our previous lifestyle before the pandemic, like the title of my post: The Light Will Rise Again, Life Goes On…

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