[Journal] The Year of 2020 Is The Toughest Year For Everyone

by - Wednesday, December 30, 2020


I think this the year 2020 is the toughest year for everyone in this world because of the pandemic. It gives a big impact on everyone, especially those who are working in the tourism line like me. I'm grateful that I still working in the same company even we're like the staff is trying to survive and help the company in a hard period. I try to always think positively and accept the new challenges but it's hardest for me. Sometimes, it makes me anxious even though I like to stay at home. But I can't run to think negatively especially about the situation pandemic every day. 
When most of my time is spent at home with my mom, I try to looking at the motivation and inspiration for me to stay thinking positive and strong meanwhile I'm lost. As a human, I can't run to face a hard time and always think about that. Suddenly, I'm feeling touching by the words they say to their fans. Most of the time, I'm crying when I read their speech as below; 

"If you're going through a rough time right now, don't forget that you're not alone. Don't let sadness get in the way of your life. I understand how you feel because I've been there before. You don't live forever so make these days of your life worth it. Don't be trapped in someone else dreams. Nothing is permanent in this world, not even our hard times, not even our pain. In every storm that happens, there's always a blue sky that comes afterward. As long as you feel pain, you're still alive. As long as make mistakes, you're still human. And as long as you keep trying, there is still hope. Be strong because things will get better soon. It may be stormy now but it can't rain forever. When life gives you a hundred reasons to give up. Show it that you have a thousand reasons to keep going. If you feel like you are losing everything, remember that trees lose their leaves every year and they still stand tall and wait for better days to come. Live life with no worries. You should always smile in life because a warm smile is the universal language of kindness. You're too young, don't let the world break you. Don't give up. Life goes on." 
Yes, I'm sure all ARMY will know about this speech because it's from BTS. I was feeling touching when I read this speech, especially during this pandemic. It makes me feel motivated and inspired after reading BTS's speech. BTS saves much life in this world. So I hope we can survive in this hard time. At the same time, I wish this pandemic is over soon so I can travel again and meet the great persons along my journey. Life goes on…

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