[Book] 모든 순간이 너였다 BY 하태완

by - Monday, July 06, 2020

I can't remember when I bought this book in Seoul, Korea meanwhile I go there for a holiday. I got interested when I took the cover and the title of this book "모든 순간이 너였다" By 하태완 – If I not mistake, it is mean "Every moment was you by Ha Taewan". I was bought this book with the price is KRW 13,800 (RM 51.20). 

50만 독자의 마음을 다독인 『#너에게』 하태완 작가의 신작! 어쩐지 막막한 밤, 당신에게 공감과 위안이 되는 빛나는 이야기. '나, 이대로 괜찮은 걸까?' 바쁜 일상을 살다 보면 문득 내 마음은 돌보지 못한 채, 나의 모든 순간은 정신없이 흘려보낸 채 어두운 밤을 맞이하게 되는 순간이 있다. 『모든 순간이 너였다』는 그런 지친 밤, 누군가 나에게 꼭 해주었으면 싶었던 말을 가만히 건네는 책이다. SNS와 전작 『#너에게』를 통해 50만 명에 이르는 독자들에게 사랑받은 하태완 작가의 두 번째 에세이로, 위로받고 싶을 때, 설레고 싶을 때, 사람에 사랑에 상처받았을 때… 삶의 모든 순간에 특별한 위로와 공감을 건넨다. 소중한 모든 순간을 나누고픈 사랑하는 사람에게, 미처 의식하지 못했던 지금 이 빛나는 순간을 조금 더 단단해진 마음으로 맞이하고 싶은 나에게, 반드시 선물해주고 싶은 책.

A new work by writer #Hatawan Ha, who reads the hearts of 500,000 readers! Somehow night, a glowing story that empathizes and comforts you. 'Is it okay to do this?' In my busy life, there is a moment when I suddenly have a night without taking care of my heart and letting out all my moments. "All the moments were you" is a book that quietly conveys the words that I wanted someone to tell me.

Ha Tae-wan's second essay, loved by readers of over half a million people through SNS and his previous work, "To You", is when you want to be comforted, excited, or hurt by love by people… It brings special comfort and empathy to every moment of life. A book that I want to present to a loved one who wants to share all my precious moments, and who wants to greet this shining moment with a little harder heart that I have never been aware of.

The book is just a collection of little poems. I found that they resonated with me, made me think, and kind of inspired/gave me some encouragement. I first came across this book in a K-Drama and decided to pick it up to read. It is honestly such a beautiful read. I highly recommend it to anyone! Through these poem-like small essays, I've been practicing my Korean reading/reciting. They are sweet, although sad, and the illustrations are pretty. I didn't know it was connected to a Korean drama when I bought this book, but maybe I'll watch the drama later… I would like to give 4.7 stars out of 5 stars to this book. 

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