[Beauty] Mise En Scene Perfect Coco Water Serum

by - Monday, July 27, 2020

Another product of Mise En Scene that I would like to try on, which is Mise En Scene Perfect Coco Water Serum (70ml) with the normal price, is RM 42.90 at the Malaysia Watson Store. This is not my first time trying the brand from Mise En Scene and I do like this brand from Korea. In my previous post, I share about the Mise En Scene Perfect Styling Serum.

Mise En Scene Perfect Coco Water Serum is a water serum that improves damaged hair fresh without stickiness. Unlike other oil serums, it permeates like water, making it perfect for summer. The Perfect Coco Water Serum contains 200 times the amount of coconut water than Perfect Serum Original to intensive moisturizing. The clean and fresh aqua floral scent lasts all day long. The new-concept water-type serum is absorbed like water. It's non-sticky damage care even in summer. 

It's made with healthy, naturally derived ingredients – powerfully recharge water to hair. For the 7x Oil Cocktail from the original formula, 200 times more naturally derived coconut oil is added. Feel the difference in the powerful recharger to moisturize your hair. The 7x Oil Cocktail includes an effective combination of argan oil (protects hair), camellia oil (nourishes hair), coconut oil (coats hair shafts), apricot kernel oil (hair shine), marula oil (protects hair), jojoba oil (moisturizes hair), and olive oil (moisturizes hair) at the optimal ratio is the secret behind the intensive hair care by MiseEnScene. A pleasantly aqua floral fragrance like luxury perfume, no coconut scent. Feel the clean, fresh scent evocative of moist flower petals all day long; which are on base – the warm, soft musky scent (precious wood, amber, & musk); mid – the fresh peachy floral scent (pink peony-lily-carnation-osmanthus, & peach), and top – clean, watery floral scent (freesia-lotus blossom, rose water-cyclamen, & apple-berry). 

Among the scent of this pink serum are peach, peony, rose, musk, and amber. The scent is quite nice for me and it's not strong. It's easy to use it. First, take about a coin-sized amount of serum, and then apply the serum all over hair and style as usual. After styling, apply on the tips for the best results. After using the product, it does help with my frizzy hair to become easier, felt resilient, and manageable. I do recommend to those who worried about burning hair under intense sunlight and concerned about tangled curly hair on humid rainy days. It's full of freshness to those who hate sticky oil in the hand and concerned about greasy hair due to sweat and oiliness. I would like to give 4.8 stars out of 5 stars for this product.

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