[Book] 행복해지는 연습을 해요 By 전승환

by - Monday, June 08, 2020

I can't remember when I bought this book in Seoul, Korea meanwhile I go there for a holiday. I got interested when I took the cover and the title of this book "행복해지는 연습을 해요" By 전승환 – If I not mistake, it is mean "I'm Practicing Happiness by Cheon Seunghwan". I was bought this book with the price is KRW 14,500 (RM 53.80). 

The clue of happiness is close! 행복의 실마리는 가까운 곳에 있다!

The massage of happiness spreading by Mr. Cheon Seunghwan, author of "Thank You to Me", who has chosen good writing for 7 years. Even though we live hard every day, happiness is not caught in the hand, and we are filled with articles that remind us of our happiness that we live by missing countless opportunities to be happy. 

In Chapter 1, I suggest that I be completely ignorant of all the rules of the world that interfere with my happiness. "1장에서는 내 행복을 방해하는 세상의 모든 잣대에 무심해지기를 권하고"

In Chapter 2, I turn to my real people who always keep my side, not the fake relationships that come only when I need them. "2장에서는 필요할 때만 나를 찾아오는 가짜 관계가 아닌 늘 내 옆을 지켜주는 진짜 내 사람들에게 시선을 돌린다."

In Chapter 3, it is encouraged to let go of the sadness, the pain, the past love holding on to the ankle still unable to snake, and it hugs it that it is done. "3장에서는 여전히 떨치지 못한 채 발목을 잡고 있는 미련과 아픔, 지나간 사랑을 놓아주라고 권하며 그만하면 되었다고 뜨겁게 안아준다."

In chapter 4, there is already enough to do without any addition. I am comforted and tired; I raise my mind to fall down and in the last chapter, I invite you to love more, not to miss precious daily life. "4장에서는 무엇을 더 하지 않아도 이미 충분하다 위로하며 지쳐 쓰러져가는 마음을 일으켜 세우고, 마지막 5장에서는 스쳐지나간 소중한 일상을 놓치지 말고 더 사랑하라고 초대한다."

After I'm reading this book, it makes me think about my life that I have been thru so far. In another part, I feel grateful what's I've in my life is wonderful with someone that always beside me in no matter what was happen in my life – they always beside me and stick with my to going thru together. In the small part of it, I should practice myself to be always happy and grateful even it is a small part of daily life. It does will make my life more positive and cheerful. I would like to give 4.9 stars out of 5 stars to this book. 

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