[Blogging] My Secret to Blogging Consistently and Organized – Happy 8th Anniversary

by - Friday, January 03, 2020

I have been blogging in 8 years now (3rd January 2020) and I do happy what's I have been thru along this a few years. Even sometimes I also have a hard time but I still can taste the sweet along this journey. By the way, I would like to say thank you for all your support on me through this blog, especially to my lovely family and close friends. In this post, I would like to share some tips of my secret to blogging consistently and organized even I'm busy with my actual job besides the freelance job as a blogger.

The main point of my secret to blogging consistently and organized is I always make the planning of blog post topic, sometimes advance in a few months so I can see the topic that I will be updating soon in my blog. 

In the first point, I do list the entire blog post topic according to the categories of the topic. For example, I will separate the categories with beauty; blogging; event; book; entertainment; fashion; journal; lifestyle; and music. 

In the second point, I do planning the date of the blog post topic. Normally, I will update my blogs post like twice a week or three times a week. All of these are dependent on the topic I would like to share and the schedule I plan with, but I try to update it according to the date I plan with if I not have any problems. 

In the third point, I will arrange the blog post topic by category. On this point, normally I will arrange the categories like Lifestyle -> Beauty -> Beauty -> Book. So its looks organized to me by arranges the categories of the blog post topic.

In the fourth point, I always write the draft of the blog post topic in advance. When I have free time, I will write the draft of the blog post topic in advance but it happens if I got the idea to write about it. It's not all day I have the idea to write, it takes time.

In the fifth point, I do the advance photoshoot of the entire blog post topic in the planner, especially when I have the blog post topic about the product reviews. 

In the last point, I always check the grammar of my blog post topic and then, I will post the topic based on the planning date that I was planning early. 

The entire points I practice within blogging so it makes my blogging life is easy. At the same time, I like to look at my blog became consistently and organized. Lately, I also practice taking rest on blogging while traveling. It's because I like to spend my time with my family along my holiday and it's the time that I need to rest from all my works, including blogging. But I still active in updating my account of Instagram while I'm traveling. I just rest from updating my blog post, even I'm still working as a blogger awhile I'm on holiday. Soon, I will update my travel dairies along my Dream Trip to Western Europe in November 2019 – Stay Tune. 

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