[Beauty] Innisfree Wrinkle Science Spot Treatment

by - Monday, January 06, 2020

This year in January 2019, my mom and I just back holiday from Seoul, Korea – as you can see on my blog post (feel free to read). Of course, I do visit the Innisfree Store in Myeongdong. The sales male of Innisfree Store was recommended to us the new Innisfree product, which is Innisfree Wrinkle Science Spot Treatment (40ml) with the normal price is KRW 24,900 (RM 94.90). I’m notice this product just coming in the Malaysia Innisfree Stores with the price is RM 158.00.

The Innisfree Wrinkle Science Spot Treatment is rejuvenating spot treatment for improved look of deep fines and firmer-looking skin around targeted areas of concern. The authentic anti-aging solution for the natural development of wrinkles. The 4-week human study on anti-aging efficacy completed; in only four weeks, your skin experiences improved elasticity, reduced appearance of wrinkles with a lifted look of the skin as well as greater moisture levels and softness. Astonishing ingredients of the new Wrinkle Science with the added Jeju omega oil containing antioxidant omega-3 and Jeju Sea mustard ferment extract, which firms the skin, the formula enhances the skin's natural ability to regenerate. The bouncier texture is the formula blends in with the skin in soft-spreading, bouncy and rich texture to quench the inner dryness and soften the roughness. 

The main ingredient to wrinkle and lifting science is Marine double-defense™. The women divers under the blazing sun and in the salty ocean; their stressed skin was soothed and protected by using seaweed, particularly the mineral-rich and nutritious sea mustard. The sporophyll of this sea mustard has been fermented then extracted into the oil. The resulting Marine Double-defense™ builds a powerful nourishing barrier to invigorate the skin with energy. 

It is easy to use this product; just use it in the morning as a spot treatment. Gently dab on targeted areas of concern with deep wrinkles such as the forehead, around the eyes and nasolabial folds. Apply all over the face before bed for maximum benefits. So far, I have been using this new product in a month and it is a pretty amazing product. Honestly, my wrinkles are slowly removing. It gives my skin firming, lifting, and hydrating. I do recommend for those have wrinkle problem. I would like to give 4.3 stars out of 5 stars for this product.

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