[Event] ALDO Retro Club A-List Event KLCC, September 2019

by - Sunday, September 08, 2019

I think it's my first event in this year 2019 – I become excited when I get an invitation from ALDO as VIP Members. This event is ALDO Retro Club A-List Event at the KLCC Centre Court Pop-Up on 7th September 2019 (Saturday). I not going there alone but I get a company; which is my mom. This event starts on 5 September 2019 (Thursday) until 9 September 2019 (Monday).

This event starts at 2 pm until 4 pm – just 2 hours only in their invitation but, they are allowed us to shop early than the actual time. It is an exclusive experiential Retro Club filled with the latest Fall/Winter 2019 collection. I'm enjoying the exclusive member promotion of up to 30% off on this special day and a door gift from ALDO Malaysia. 

The door gift that I got from ALDO after purchased are Tote Bag (RM 69.00) and Small Umbrella (RM 99.00); which mean in total is RM 168.00 for the door gift to the VIP Members. I'm bought the ALDO Sneakers Umiassa with the price after the 30% off is RM 258.30 (the normal price, RM 369.00). This sneaker looks so beautiful and also comfortable, especially when I do have a lot of walking during my trip soon. Yes, I do wear this sneaker during my trip soon. 

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