[Beauty] I'm From Volcanic Clay Mask

by - Monday, September 16, 2019

Another product of volcanic clay mask I would like to try is I'M FROM Volcanic Clay Mask (110g), that I was bought thru Hermo website with the promo price, RM 88.00 (the normal price is RM 103.00). Maybe it's my chance to try the different brands from South Korea.

I'M FROM is a Korean brand that offers natural skin care products that work. This Volcanic Clay Mask contains 8.6% of natural pure volcanic clay for absorbing excess sebum and skin waste (highly recommended for oily skin – like my skin); remove dead skin cells; have a cooling effect; tighten pores; soothing; and nourishing your skin. It's like "feel the gift of I'M FROM for your skin with pure Jeju Volcanic Clay raised by the wind and the sea". 

The main ingredients are a Jeju Volcanic Clay. It is volcanic ash which is solidified lava by a volcano eruption and a very rare material you can only collect in Jeju Island. It has strong absorptive power against excess sebum and skin waste and is consisted of weakly alkaline natural minerals. Different from the ingredients of normal mud, these minerals of Jeju volcanic clay contains sulfur, which soothes the irritated skin, so it keeps your skin clean and even.

I have been trying it for a month now as 2 – 3 times a week; I did see the effect that removes dirt from my face. I have oily-combination skin and visible pores. My main concern is always to minimize pores as much as possible. As stated in the ingredient mainly from volcanic, it does smells like one. But I'm not sure what kind of the scent to describe it is. The condition of this product is easy to apply onto my face and I also quite surprise when this product is quick to dry too rather than the Innisfree of the volcanic products. The result is almost the same as I use Innisfree volcanic products. So far, I like it. I would like to give 4.2 stars out of 5 stars for this product. 

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