[Fashion] My First Modern Hanbok from Seoul, Korea

by - Friday, June 07, 2019

As the blog title post, it is my first modern Hanbok I was bought during my trip to Seoul, Korea in January 2019 with my mom. Actually, it is in my top wish list even during my first time trip to Seoul, Korea in April 2013. But I get the chance to buy the modern Hanbok in January 2019. It's okay and it is really made me happy. Hanbok is a Korean traditional dress and most of the Hanbok price is expensive for 1 set Hanbok. I admit it after I survey at the local store in Seoul, Korea.

Lately, most of the local Hanbok designers are making design the Hanbok based on modern design and trends but they still keep the tradition of the Hanbok. So it is will make the younger generations and also foreigners (like me) fall in love with this new design and trend style of Hanbok. While I have been visited the Insadong Ssamziegil – I notice it has a lot of stores that sell Hanbok with different style, design and price until I saw the one Hanbok store that located inside the Insadong Ssamziegil; which is Soosulhwa Store

In the beginning, I just look around the Hanbok collection in the store until I interested in trying one of the Hanbok collection after mix and match of the top and dress. The lady salesperson in the store is really good speaking in English so that makes it easy to communicate. She is teaching me the right way to wear modern Hanbok so I can use it in the future. Then, I decide to buy the 1 set of modern Hanbok with the price is KRW 137,000 (RM 508.30); which is the top's price is KRW 82,000 (RM 304.20) and the dress's price is KRW 55,000 (RM 204.10).

For me, the price is a reasonable price for the 1 set of modern Hanbok. Maybe for some people will think it's expensive but since I like it and I also want to have it, even though I don't when I will wear it so I okay with that. I really can invest my money with this modern Hanbok so maybe it's can be my engagement dress in the future, who knows, right? 

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  1. OMG The hanbok looks so beautiful! I hope you can wear it and share the photo in the next post? *wink*

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, it's so beautiful but I don't when I will wear this Hanbok. If I get plan to wear it, I'll share it on my next post. ;)