[Journal] Just Keep Inside & Silent – Nothing Can Do?

by - Thursday, May 09, 2019

When I deal with the psycho person in real life, it makes me feel up and down all the time. He looks normal but inside is super psycho; sometimes I think he is worst than the serial killer. I didn't know what he tries to plan in the future. Meanwhile, working under people or working with other people company have advantages and disadvantages. I think it's hard when you working with someone who has psycho personalities. You didn't know what he will plan to destroy you in silent. From now I know, he just keeps complaining about anything that not related to work at all. I really do hate him so much. 

Honestly, I don't have strategies or plan or tip when I have to face these kinds of the situation but I know how is feel because it has to me all the time and its make me tired and depressed. In other word, nothing can I do about it, just keep inside and silent as long as I can. But deep inside my heart; I wish he got incident and lame after this. 

At this moment, I think when I keep in silent after what he does to me, he just keeps doing the same things to me. Maybe he just wants to me resign and he will happy about it. The person like him, really makes me mad and crazy at the same time. What I know, it does give the impact to my health in the future because my body can't handle stress and depression. I wish I can go on holiday just to relax from all this shit but I know that I can't do it in this short of a period. 

Recently, I do read some article about the self-care or self-love and I like about it very much. Its make me think how nice to treat yourself after all these stupid shits. I do read about some article to avoid the toxic person in my life but I still doubt how it really works to me about it. This super toxic person like him really can't remove in my life, especially when we working in the same company. Somehow, I really do hope my late dad still alive so my dad can help me thru this life properly. I notice after all this happened, I get something that makes me feel happy and along 1 week, I have been the dream of going on holiday. It's really made me happy and relieves. I think, God helps me to thru my life well and maybe want me to learn thru this lesson. The bad things happened for a reason and sometimes the reasons behind it will be such as wonderful reasons. 

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