[Book] 13 Jam A380 by Evelyn Rose

by - Friday, April 12, 2019

This is another book review. I feel like I achieve the target for reading books at least 5 books in half of the year. It's sound little but it's big to me. Since I busy with my work and study, I did not have time to read a books, even I have a lot of books in my house but it looks rare I'm reading a book when I have free time. On a few months ago, I bought the books of 13 Jam A380 at the International Book Fair 2018, PWTC. This book was written by Evelyn Rose and it's in the Malay language. I took 3 days to finish reading this book. The normal price of this book is RM 28.00, but I got a discount and the price after the discount is RM 24.00. 

As you know this novel is in Malay language but I would like to write a review of it in the English language. Most of Malay novel always have a happy ending and the different about the story is the storyline and the conflicts in the story on the Malay novel. 

For me, this storyline about the 13 hours in flight to London on MAS A380, fate finds Hana Sofea and Syed Haydar, her dream man. Creates the most beautiful memories in the blue sky. They are become dream lover for four hours, together with dance tango, touring the entire plane together, to taste the delicious Caramel Latte together… but the MAS A380's reach to the floor of the earth, everything goes vapor in the air. "Hana, thank you for last night… but I can't have cocaine all the time." – Syed Haydar.

Looking at the warmth of Syed Haydar and her real lover, the beautiful model casts Hana Sofea out of a beautiful dream. In London, the A380 also finally flew Hana Sofea to Fawwaz Hussaini, the Malay-English-Arab hybrid millionaire. Without a doubt, Emmel, Fawwaz's adopted daughter, named Hana Sofea as her mother. "My daughter like you. If you're wailing to let her call you mommy… I will pay you fifty buck per hour…" – Fawwaz Hussaini. "Got a gift?" – Hana Sofea. "A pink Audi TT, is that okay? – Fawwaz Hussaini. "I want an Audi TT the latest version only. Another than that, I don't want." – Hana Sofea.

The presence of Hana Sofea adorned their family life as beautiful as the poppy bloom, the emergence of strong amber torture of his religion in the life of Hana Sofea also to enlighten Hana Sofea about the love of God. And when everything is just started, Syed Haydar came to demand a love… "I miss you, Hana… Don't say you already married and this kid is your stepdaughter, Hana." – Syed Haydar. Will the dream stay as a dream after the time passes and the day goes by?

I don't want to tell the whole story of this novel because it's more fun if you read it by yourself. Honestly, the story flows from the beginning is really not taken my heart to continue reading this novel and I think it's not really matched to my taste but I manage to finish reading this book at all. I would like to give the 2.8 stars out of 5 stars to this Malay Novel. 

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