[Beauty] Mamonde Floral Hydro Mist

by - Monday, April 01, 2019

On early July 2018, I was bought a lot of the Mamonde's products from Hermo website. In this time, I would like to make the small review about the Mamonde Floral Hydro Mist (120ml) with the price RM 65.00.

The Mamonde Floral Hydro Mist is a fast mist that instantly hydrates when sprayed on dry skin and helps keep moisture from escaping from the surface of the skin. It is the water cycle, which is step 1: quickly absorb moisture with fast-absorbing texture; step 2: transfer moisture without gaps; and step 3: moisture lock. No gas mist that is sprayed evenly and smoothly on the skin with ultra-fine spray (mist spray). The 4-Free formula; which are from animal raw material, mineral oil, pigment, and triethanolamine. Normally, I use it after wash my face and before I apply the toner on my face. The mist really refreshed my face and prevents my face dehydration. Its smell good too but I not sure the kind of smell it is. By the way, I like it. I would like to give 4 stars out of 5 stars to this product and I will repurchase again. 

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