[Beauty] Mamonde Petal Spa Cleansing Oil

by - Monday, September 03, 2018

On early of July 2018, I was bought a lot of Mamonde's product thru the Hermo website. Recently, I was running out of cleansing oil so it's time to test out the Mamonde Petal Spa Cleansing Oil (200 ml) with the normal price, RM 84.00. 

The Mamonde Petal Spa Cleansing Oil is heat generated while roiling on this cleansing oil helps clean right down to the pores. The cleansing oil with a thermal sensation is removed impurities in pores thoroughly through massage and keep skin moisturized after cleansing. Its keeps moisturizing like mixed flower essential oils (skincare effect). I like the rose scents in this cleansing oil. 

So far, I like this cleansing oil. Its give the same effect as another product I have been used before. Usually, I always do the double cleansing on my evening skincare routines to keep my skin clean from any makeup or oils. This cleansing oil keeps my skin clean and fresh after using it. I would like to give the 4 stars out of 5 stars to this product. Maybe I will repurchase when I got special offer or promotion. 

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