[Shopping] Hair Care by Lux Luminique with Free a Philip Hair Dryer

by - Friday, July 27, 2018

On 16th July 2018 ago, I decide to buy the some of hair care products thru Hermo website after I saw the great deals from Hermo website. The Hermo make a great deal of the Lux Luminique brand, which is this brand is the hair care brand in Japan. Then, I make a purchased of the Lux Luminique Volume Shine Non-Silicone Shampoo (450g) and the Lux Luminique Volume Shine Non-Silicone Treatment (450g). Both normal prices are RM 39.90 each, but I got a discount and the price after the discount is RM 37.64. It makes the total price is RM 68.02, after deducting the credit discount (RM 5.00) and a member discount (3%) from the total price. 

After I purchased these two products, I'm entitled to get the free items of the Philip Hair Dryer HP8108 1000W and Kiko-Masamune Mini Face Wash (15g). It makes the total items are four items and I received the parcel after 3 days working days. It's on time as always. I like to do the online shopping thru the Hermo website, especially when it has a great deal. The service and also the delivery services from Hermo is the best. I got the parcel on 18th July 2018, after 3 days I make an order. I'm excited to try this product soon after I finish used my current products. Soon, I will update the review some these products in here. Stay tuned…

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