[Beauty] Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream

by - Friday, July 06, 2018

This is not my first time using the brand of Klairs and this brand from Korea, and now I would like to make a review about the Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream (30ml). I bought the Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream in Seoul, Korea last year. This price of this product is KRW 24,500 (RM 90.70), but I saw on the Hermo website, they sell this product at the normal price is RM 136.00. If you are lucky, you can buy it with the promo price at the Hermo website.

As you know, my skin type is combination skin type with oily too but sometimes its change based on weather. The Klairs Midnight Blue Cream is a cream that helps calm & strengthens barriers in the extremely sensitive skin. When used with the soothing line, it works rapidly to soothe and regulate irritated (by heat or sebum), stressed skin. Although the KLIARS' Midnight Blue Calming Cream is used for targeting smaller areas, it's designed with excellent spreadability so a small amount could cover a large area.

The main ingredients are Guaiazulene and Centella Asiatica Extract. The Guaiazulene is with herbal ingredients extracted from chamomile; it shows a dark purple color and is effective in calming the inflammation of damaged skin tissue as well as regeneration of skin cells. Containing 0.03% (similar to contents in an ointment that is currently on the market, Japanese clinical trials demonstrated effects of 89.7% in sunburns, 60.6% in eczema, and 86.5% in ulcerative skin diseases, and is used as the main raw material in burn ointments). The Centella Asiatica Extract as a plant native to Madagascar, it is also known as ‘tiger grass' and is often used in cosmetics as ‘Centella Asiatica.' Helps regeneration in damaged skin and prevents scarring; the primary ingredient in ointments.

Maybe you feel weird when you saw the cream's color is blue. The reason is that Guaiazulene; which is the key ingredient of the Blue Cream. It is a plant-component extracted from chamomile oil. It has a natural violet color, which gradually turns the cream into gentle blue color after the blending process. Like the name of this product, which is Klairs Midnight Blue Cream so night time use is recommended to assist skin regeneration and to prevent makeup from breaking the protective layer.

I use this product at the last step of my skincare routine; I apply a small amount to areas of sensitivity or irritation and gently tap in to allow full absorption. I enjoy a high efficacy & satisfaction with only a small amount. It's not for daily using, but you are allowed to use it on the daily basis if you need it; especially after pore care, after an intensive treatment or care, and long-term sun exposure. I have been using this product for a few weeks now, and I love the result on my skin. It helps soothe redness and reduces the size of my pimples on overnight. The packaging is also nice and beautiful. This product is really great for sensitive skin type. I would like to give the 4.5 stars out of 5 stars, and I definitely will repurchase this product in future. 

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