[Journal] After 1 Year without My Lovely Dad

by - Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Today (6th September 2017), is the first year my dad's death anniversary. The time passing by was so fast. I don't realize that how strong was I am during those moments to thru my life without my lovely dad. It's tough but I have to move on, right? People will think I'm okay and fine from the outside but the reality; I have been quite sensitive and also easy to make my tears fall without I notice about it. I try my best to act how fine I'm to the people around me. Every day, I always show to them I'm was happy and smile but it's not okay on an inside of me. 

Actually, I didn't know it's my family members from my father's side or my mother's side is reading or stalker my blog or even my social networking system (SNS) like facebook, twitter, or Instagram after my dad passed away on last year. Maybe they stalker my blog so they will know what's I'm writing about them. But I don't care about them anymore, like them too don't care about my mother and me. This is my voices so accept it. The problems are always the same between us and them. I think this situation I already share it on the previous post about ‘How's My Life after 6 Months without My Dad'. That why on nowadays I decide to take actions to don't care what will happen to them anymore. I just care about my mother and my future.

Of course, I miss my dad so much even during I write this post, I try to hold my tears but without my notice it's fall. Yes, on some reasons I was sad. Somehow, I always feel like my dad still around me. Sometimes, I dream about my dad when I feel miss him so much.

Honestly, what's I do for not always in sad moments is I make myself busy at the all time, even it's related with my works at the office or blogging tasks. Nowadays, my schedule activities are full until December 2017 – which is including my weekends. Because I'm allowing myself super busy, actually it gives me another effect – which is my health getting worst because of stress. I hope it's just temporary. Everything will be going fine soon. I believe on that because I still have my lovely Mama, close family members and also close friends – who always support and love me. They also support my passions about blogging, photography and traveling. 

In this year only, I have traveled many places in domestic (in Malaysia) and overseas too. Among the place I have been visited are Cameron Highland, Pahang (Malaysia), Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (Malaysia), and Taiping, Perak (Malaysia). Soon I will go travel again in this year but this time is two countries. One of the countries, the flight is taken around 4 hours 40 minutes and another country, the flight is taken around 6 hours 20 minutes. I give to you another hint. The short flight is the first country I visit in my life and this trip around September 2017. The long distance flight is the sixth time I have been visiting this country and it's around November 2017.

Did you feel curious about it? Hahaha… Don't worried I will update my entire trip in this blog after I back from my trips. The latest update is on my Instagram. Feel free to follow me on Instagram. Not be too surprised when I said that I already plan my next year trips with my family and I'm excited when thinking about it. That is all I want to share my thoughts in this post. I miss my lovely dad. 

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