[Shopping] Herschel, Simple & Smart Design

by - Monday, January 11, 2016

Actually, I looking quite a long time for MacBook 13' Cover Bag since I bought the MacBook Air. Lucky, during me travelling to Seoul on August 2015, I found the brand Herschel Anchor Sleeve 13' inch for MacBook Air/Pro. Once, I found it. I was so happy and I fall in love with this design. Its design looks simple, smart and the most important is a nice fit on my MacBook Air 13' inch. I choose the design of cloud. Now, I can carry my MacBook anywhere with it.

I also catch interest with another design of Herschel; which is Herschel Network Pouch Extra Large #Feather. The design is unique and trending to me. I think I just fall in love with this brand. For sure, I will buy again this brand of Herschel when I saw it even in Malaysia or during my trip to overseas soon…

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  1. Hey. Where can I buy Herschel products in Seoul? :)

    1. Hi, you can try looking at Sopooom Store. Here the website link, www.sopooom.com