[Book] Collection of Korean Books & Magazines

by - Wednesday, January 13, 2016

K-Drama and K-Pop were making me fall in love with Korea since 2002. Even in 2012, I take the incentive to learn the Korean language. Now, I can reading, writing and speaking in Korean. Sometimes, I can read the Korean sentences but I can't understand what's mean. Hahaha~ Maybe after this I need to learn back Korean language for maximum my understanding.

I also have been travelling to Korea since 2013 and I have been there almost 5 times in same passport book. It's amazing, right? Now, I can feel going to Korea is like my second hometown. I never was feeling boring travel to Korea again. I miss so much Korea even my last travel to Korea on August 2015.

I like to make the collection of Korean books and magazines since 2013. Actually, I have a lot Korean magazine but I don't remember where I keep all my Korean magazines. Just found a few latest Korean magazines. Here the list my collection of Korean books and magazines:

1. YG 다르다 (YG is Different) – YG Book
2. Challenge & Creative Note "Like YG"
3.  난쟁이 피터 독후감
4. 세상에 너를 소리쳐! (Shouting Out To The World) – Big Bang Book
5. 태양의 아이  (The SHINee in Barcelona) – Travel Book by Shinee
6. Super Junior's Experience Korea – Book 1 & 2
7. Vogue Korea (Cover Artist by G-Dragon)
8. The Celebrity (Cover Artist by Zico)
9. The Star (Cover Artist by Winner)

All this books and magazines are among Korean artist's I LOVE so I can use this reasons for learning Korean by all of this books and magazines. At the same time, I try to translate these Korean books to English when I got free time but I don't sure when I can finish it. Wish my luck…

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