[Travel] Great Connection with Korea’s WiFi (EGG).

by - Monday, May 18, 2015

It’s hard to update your status in social networks, especially during your holiday? 

For me, internet service is important because I want to find out my incoming emails since I’m a blogger. As a blogger, internet service is important for us to still communicate with our blog readers. Of course, during vacation, I always update my status in social networks like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook; that's what I’m doing in overseas – that's why, I need to rental the Mobile WiFi (EGG) during my holiday. 

Luckily, my best friend found the great price for rental a portable Wireless Router (EGG) during our vacation in Seoul, Korea on last month. This Mobile WiFi Router (EGG) provides you internet access everywhere in Korea. WiBro Rental Service is the wireless service that brings you high-speed internet. The price is most affordable rate without a down payment, which they offer for rental the Korea Mobile WiFi (EGG). 

Based on my experience, this pocket WiFi is small and easy to put in a bag. The internet connection is likewise fast and good so I can update my status in social network everywhere and it’s allowed me to check for direction wherever I go around Korea. If it’s fully charged, you’re allowed to use it straight in 8 – 10 hours without using power bank for charging it. When we meet Ms Hyunju for collects and return our pocket WiFi, I quite surprise because she so beautiful and can speak English very well, so you guys don’t too afraid to communicate with her in English.

Here, the information for a Portable Wireless Router (EGG):

Website: Korea WiFi
E-mail: koreawifi1@gmail.com
Tel. No.: 82 - (0)10 - 4576 - 3062
LINE ID: koreawifi

Let's make your vacation at Korea will be unforgettable memories in your life.

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