[Travel] Fabulous “MADE” 2015 Opening Concert by BIGBANG.

by - Monday, May 25, 2015

I can bet that most of the VIPs on around the world are already knew the opening concert BIGBANG 2015 World Tour [MADE] in Seoul, Korea on 25th April 2015 and 26th April 2015 at the Olympic Gymnasiums Stadium.

These times, I got a chance to catch a concert in Seoul again with my best buddy – Iffa K. It's a full house in 2 day concert and the ticket are sold out – since it’s over 3 years, BIGBANG were comeback with new single album “MADE” after their album “ALIVE” and repackage album “STILL ALIVE” on 2012.  But we’re lucky when we still can manage to get concert ticket for 2 day concert.

In reality, their single album was released on 1st May 2015 but BIGBANG were making awesome performance together with two new songs off their new single album “MADE”, which are “LOSER” and “BAE BAE”. They'll also present the new music video of LOSER in the opening concert to all VIPs. We are the luckiest VIPs, who are the first person here and view their new concept of music “MADE” in the concert day before YG Entertainment release as official BIGBANG “MADE” single album “M” on 1st May 2015. For me, BIGBANG want to show the side of them as normal people alike all of we are, which is their also have their own feeling, private time and space as they're needed in their life. At the same time, they look so sexy and mature like a genuine man for me.

The most I like when watching a concert in Seoul is the concert’s decorations and concert's merchandise. Its have variable type of decoration and images of your favorite artist so you can take the pictures as many you like on the concert’s day. They likewise give the great offer for their own related brands; which mean for YG Entertainment are Moon Shot and NONA9ON at the concert days. At the same time, I can choose the concert's merchandise as many I want to buy during the concert day since it's available.

That's why, I and my best buddy – Iffa K. will come to Seoul, Korea and take chances to follow our favorite artist’s concert. The feeling and experience when watching a concert in Seoul is quite a huge different mix feeling between to watching their concerts at our home. Perhaps some of you don’t understand this mean so why not you try once in your life.

Photo credit to Iffa K.

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