[Journal] Happy New Year 2015!!!

by - Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Hello everyone!! 

I’m so happy to welcoming the New Year of 2015!! YEAH!! This year, I would like to start the new fresh on the new book in 2015. I hope this year; I can create the great memories with my lovely family and friends… More~ More~ More~ Awesome Memories!! 

What can I say? This year is like totally new start for me, after I was learning many things in 2014. Everything was happening is the past and great lessons for me, so I would like to created new wonderful stories in this year 2015. Even my blog also would be new looks in year 2015. Soon, my wall of Nina Neulrin blog will be change too as my first project in 2015.

Okay, I just think about the New Year’s wish…I knew everyone are start to make the New Year wish of 2015, me too. I have many wishes in year of 2015; I hope I can achieve all of it in 2015. Among my main wish in 2015 as below;

1. Be Healthy.
I hope my health will be improved in this year. Last year, I have problem with my health but I don’t know it’s will be serious or not, because I’ll know the result on end of January 2015.  Of course, I wish for my family and friends will be healthy in this year. So we can create more amazing memories together. 

2. Traveling to Europe.
Start on 2013, I was dream to go traveling to Europe but the main factor is not enough yet… It’s okay. I’ll try again in this year. Maybe I also get chance to attend any Fashion week too.

3. Successful in work and blogging.
Now, I was working as accountant but it’s not my dream job. If you ask me; what is my dream job? I can’t ask it because I still not sure about it until today. I choose accounting for my study in university, because I think I’ll be easy to get the job. That is true; that why after I finish my final exam in Bachelor in Accounting, I got the job directly even I not yet graduated. Maybe I just want to play safe in my life. Even thought accountant is not my dream job but I still hope I can be successful on it. Start on last year, I was fall in love with blogging even blogging is just my hobby. Maybe it’s time to me for take a little bit serious on blogging.

4. Master in Korean languages.
I was learning Korean languages in 2013, but I was stop learning after third level in 2014 of Korean languages. Now, I hope I can continue my study in further level.   

5. Find the true LOVE.
It’s funny, when I say I never fall in love with someone in my life? Okay, expect for my favorite artists. I never fall in love even in high school or university. It’s still same when I start working too. When I on studying, I just think about study – same when I start working.  I not sure what I wait for, but my friends keep asking me, when I want to get married? Maybe I just want to be careful to fall in love with someone because I don’t want to get hurt. Even some man takes the step to know me, but I reject it. I think I should be brave in this year to fall in love with someone. Just wait and see…

Those are all my wishing for New Year 2015. I hope I can achieve my entire wishes in 2015. The funny part is about my number five wishing; I not really sure that I can achieve it or not, because… hahaha... Whatever it’s, I just try my best to achieve it in 2015.

“Today is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write A Good One.”

I wish in this year God gives You..
12 Months of Happiness, 
52 Weeks of Fun,
365 Days Success,
8760 Hours Good Health,
525600 Minutes Good Luck,
31536000 Seconds of Joy.


Share with me, what is your wishes list in 2015?

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