[Event] Wondrous K-Beauty: Korea Beauty and Wellness Show in Malaysia 2014!

by - Sunday, June 08, 2014

Last month on 31 May 2014, I got invitation to join the event of Wondrous K-Beauty: Korea Beauty and Wellness Show in Malaysia 2014 at Grand Ballroom, Grand Hyatt Hotel in Kuala Lumpur by Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) that branch in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

This is my first grand event in this year that I join under Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) and I quite surprised when I look the preparation from KTO. What can I said? This is grandest event of the year 2014 by KTO.

Korea reveals its many wondrous secrets of K-Beauty that encompasses holistic health and wellness, augmented by enhanced beauty treatments and the art of good living. The Korean philosophy towards health and beauty is best encapsulated in Taeguekgi – the national flag which has a red and blue yin-yang symbol in the center flanked by four black trigrams, one in each corner against a white background. Together, the components reflect the purity and balance of the universe anchored by the principles of movement and harmony. 

When it comes to health, wellness and beauty, Korean subscribe to a holistic approach that goes beyond skin-deep; encompassing physical and mental health, inner wellness, external good looks and a well-balanced, harmonious lifestyle.

There also have a lot of booths that was related with Wondrous K-Beauty: Korea Beauty and Wellness Show in Malaysia 2014. This is among the booths on the event:

Renowned for its cutting-edge beauty enhancement and cosmetic technologies as well as holistic health and wellness concepts that advocate ‘you are what you eat’ and ‘food is medicine’ tenets, and the importance of self-grooming and dressing well regardless of age, Korea is now taking the health, beauty and fashion world by storm with its wondrous K-Beauty secrets.

Besides promoting the country’s rich tapestry of natural splendors and popular attractions, Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) is keen to open visitors’ hearts and minds to Korea’s Wondrous K-Beauty facilities and services.

The first event program of Wondrous K-Beauty: Korea Beauty and Wellness Show in Malaysia 2014 are K-Beauty Hair and Make-up Show by famous Korea hairstyles and make-up artist. They show and teach us the easy ways to make-up and hairstyles’ that popular in Korea now. That so amazing, when I can make over myself like Korean styles.

After that, we are great pleasure to hear welcoming and congratulatory address. “we want more visitors especially lady travelers to pamper and care for themselves while they are in Korea,” says Peter Park Chul-Hyun, KTO Managing Director Malaysia and Brunei. “They can strengthen their overall health, revitalize their inner well-being, enhance their own beauty or experience our holistic lifestyle through advances K-Beauty facilities and services. Whether it’s a relaxing spa session or more complex clinical treatments’, Korea’s centuries-old health and wellness programmers, comprehensive state-of-art medical facilities, and dedicated teams of physicians, specialists and well-trained surgeons are second-to-none.”

Park continues, “These wondrous K-Beauty highlights are further boosted by the art of eating well thanks to our healthy Korean cuisine, an alluring selection of homegrown beauty, skin acre and cosmetic products, and dynamic fashion ensure our visitors look like a million dollars and feel on top of the world.”

After that, Ms. Tan Hue Yee of Marketing Manager Korea Tourism Organization Malaysia and Brunei present to us the meaning of K-Beauty after she took training lessons and inspection at Korea last a few weeks ago. 

Vanity bees and ardent beauty enthusiasts can look forward to an immersive experience at Skin Anniversary (www.skinannivesary.co.kr). Located in the Book City of Paju Gyeonggi-do, the one-stop beauty complex is a popular stopover for Korean celebrities and leading television broadcasters thanks to its customized beauty treatments and skincare solutions.

Each visitor is given a personalized skin diagnosis before being ushered to one of many private, well-appointed parlous for relaxing facial and upper body massage. They can also try replicating the stunning looks of their favorite K-Star at the DIY makeover booth using Skin Anniversary’s natural ingredient-based beauty, skincare and make-up products, and nail bar or shop for Skin Anniversary product prescribed specifically for individual skin type. 

Back in Jongno-gu, Seoul, qualified Oriental specialists at Medical Palace Korean Medicine Clinic reply on non-invasive, Korean tradional medicinal treatments and healthcare to address the root cause of various ailments. Based on the Sasang Constitution system (4 kinds of physical constitution) established during the Joseon Dynasty some 200 years ago, Medical Palace’s wellness programs include Enzyme Detoxification Spa Therapy, Oxygen Therapy, Acupunctures, Moxibustion, Cupping, Remedial Massage, Cold-heat Therapy, Water Pressure Massage and Pelvic Massage. 

The Enzyme Detox Spa is especially effective for improving blood circulation and toxin removal as being covered up to the neck in a heated tub of crushed mugwort, rice barn and other herbal medicine helps body and mind to relax, soothes the digestive and nervous system, counters stress and fatigue, and banishes bodily aches and pain.

Creative juices and coffee seem to go hand-in-hand in Korea and Seoul’s vibrant café scene bears good testament of his. Dawdling over a cup of joe reaches pretty new heights at Café D’Maka. Having gained a share of the limelight during his tenure with one of Korea’s prominent entertainment agencies, make-up artist Kim Jong-Hyun now leads a double life as barista at this cosmetics and coffee-themed haven, dazzling customers with his make-up artistry as well as coffee-brewing skills.

Here the detail of Café D’Maka:

ADD: 400-16 1F, Seokyo-Dong, Mapo-Gi Seoul
Tel: +82 10 4912 5579
WEB: http://blog.naver.com/kjh892a

Fashionistas with deeper pockets should head over to Samcheong Street and Gorosu-gil Street in Ganganm for an all-out spending spree. When it comes to duty free goods especially beauty, skincare and cosmetic products, Lotte Duty Free is simply unrivalled.

Eye-catching ensembles by upcoming young Korean designers can be found at the Lotte Fitin Department Store (www.lottefitin.com) in Dongdaemun.

Here, I show you the pictures about that at Wondrous K-Beauty: Korea Beauty and Wellness Show in Malaysia 2014 and some information:

As you know that in Korea have so many hospital that offer to make plastic surgery and the result is quite amazing. For me, it’s look so natural even though we know they make the plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is normal to Korean citizen and their love the result of they get from it. That because the technologic their using is more modern. Here, they bring the successful result of the person that makes major plastic surgery. You don’t want to know how she looks before but now she looks so beautiful after make plastic surgery.

Here, I show you the pictures about that at Wondrous K-Beauty: Korea Beauty and Wellness Show in Malaysia 2014 and some information:

Among all of this, I like Medical Palace Korean Medicine Clinic and I hear they will open their branch in Kuala Lumpur soon.

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