[Travel] The Amazing Crayon Vacation on Spring Season at Tokyo, Japan in May 2014! @Day 2

by - Sunday, June 15, 2014

2F Arrival at Haneda International

Meanwhile we arrive at Haneda International Airport around on 10 pm (Japan Time); and it’s quite late-night so we decide to overnight at Haneda International Airport. Since unexpected situation was happen at inside of Haneda International Airport, honestly it become our HOT topics on that day and we can’t sleep on the whole night because we keep smile and talk to each other when we remember what happen between us and YG Family artists. We totally forget what we plan to do at Haneda International Airport during we overnight at airport.

Tourist Information Center at Haneda International Airport

Bus Ticket Counter and Car Rental Counter at Haneda International Airport.

  This is our first time vacation at Tokyo, Japan; even though we make some research on google before we come to Tokyo – but we still not sure sometimes when arrive at Tokyo, Japan. We saw a lot of airport workers are waiting for foreigners to ask them anything about travel in Tokyo City and they can speak English so well. 

You guys can see the Tourist Information Counter and booth after come out from arrive gate. The first thing, we ask them about the way to go at our hotel and we want arrive there on early morning before we go to Tokyo Dome for meet YG Family artists again. Hihihi~ they suggest to us to take subway from airport to our hotel and it’s faster rather we take bus from airport.

Here, the machine for buy the ticket train subway or PASMO card. 

Just follow the instruction on the machine and it’s have English language so it’s easy to who don’t know Japanese language. 

The PASMO card is almost same like Touch n Go in Malaysia. PASMO is a convenient, public transportation IC card system which allows for repeated use of a single chargeable card. A single PASMO card allows you to travel on rail and bus in the Tokyo metropolitan area and can also be used payment as electronic money when making purchased at stores participating in the PASMO electronic money system or at other stores participating in electronic money system nationwide.

Here, the link for you to get more information about PASMO card:

When the day almost dawn, we take shower at airport. Of course, at Haneda International Airport have the service of Shower Room. The fees for 1 Shower Room are 1,030 yen for 30 minutes (include 1 drink coupon) and 520 yen for 15 minutes. The Shower Room is located at 2nd floor arrival level – just left side when you come out from arrival gate.

P/S: All things in Japan are paid include tax so don’t surprised when the amount will be different from the label amount price. This year start on 1st April 2014, the rate of tax in Japan increase, so you will saw a little bit different from the website – because maybe they not update yet.

This place is so nice and beautiful, even it’s quite small. The fare of we paid are include for shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, tooth brush, tooth paste, towels and hair dryers. All we needed is already at our room. They give us two shower rooms key, because one shower room is only one person. This is private shower room.

I so surprised when I saw the brand of shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel are Shiseido – that is my brand for hair products that I was use it now. Hihihi~

The Cafe for redeem drink coupon from Shower Room

After shower, we feel so fresh even we feel so sleepy. Then we redeem the drink coupon for our first day breakfast at Tokyo City. 

Before, our journeys are beginning at Tokyo City – we go to Observation Deck at 5F Haneda International Airport. The morning views from there are so beautiful.

You guys can guess what time if the view like this?~

That is only around on 5.10 am at Haneda International Airport. The sun is already said “Good Morning” to us and the temperature on that day is quite cold for me.

Now! Our journey at Tokyo City are beginning~

We take first train from Haneda International Airport, before we transfer train at Shinjuku Station. Then we take other line train to go Machida Station. Our first hotel is Toyoko Inn Tokyo Machida-eki Odakyu-sen and it’s located at Machida area. We stay at Tokoyo Inn on 3rd May 2014 until 5th May 2014. 

Actually, I was so lucky when my officemate kindly give me the hotel voucher at Tokyo for 2 persons that she got the lucky draw on my company dinner event on this year. She was not going to Tokyo in this year because this hotel voucher is only for 3 days 2 nights. 

Since my company allows changing to other staffs, so she gives to me when she knows I will go Tokyo. I know this hotel location is quite far from Tokyo Center; but it’s free from my company and its okay from me and Iffa. We were stay two hotel at Tokyo and we got different experience from it.

What can I said? Our first hotel location is quite far from Tokyo Center and its take almost 1 hour journey. Actually, we not worried about that too much, because we can choose the express train from Machida Station to Shinjuku Station for change other train and the fare is same. The different is express train only stop on a few stations. That why this train is fast rather common train. We also can save our time and it’s only taking around 30 minutes. We can know the next train at the train board on the station. The train at Tokyo always is on time based on the train board so we can plan our time nicely.

After we leave our luggage at hotel, we straight go to Tokyo Dome. Actually we watch YG Family 2014 Power Tour Concert at Tokyo Dome for 2 days so we decide to make Tokyo Tour before we come again to Tokyo Dome on evening. We just want to know the situation on the first day concert and remember the way to go there for save our time.

We start tour from Tokyo Dome to Imperial Palace, Marunouchi, Ginza, Tsukiji Market, Shiodome, Tokyo Tower, Tokyo MidTown, and Roppongi Hills. We just focus more about YG Family 2014 Power Tour Concert at Tokyo Dome on Day 2 concert. We know the system management in Japan is similar with Korea about seating place in the stadium and queue process; so we don’t need to worry about that and the experience Korea concert is different between in oversea concert and Malaysia concert.

Maybe someone will think that we are crazy when we go many places in our tour at Tokyo City before we watch YG Family 2014 Power Tour Concert at Tokyo Dome, but it’s already happen. Hihihi~
Marunouchi are one of the leading business and shopping areas of Japan with modern buildings and high-end shops. 

We just stop by Imperial Palace to take the pictures before we go to others places. The Edo Castle, formerly the Tokugawa Family’s residence, became the Imperial Place as the Emperor moved to Tokyo from Kyoto after the Meiji Restoration. Part of the site is opened to public as the Imperial Palace East Park. The Nijubashi Bridge in front of the main entrance is famous.

How to go there:

By train >> 5-min, walk from Nijubashimae Station (C10) on Chiyoda Line Exit 2; 5-min, walk from Hibiya Station (I08) on Mita Line Exit B6; 8-min, walk from Sakuradamon Station (Y17) on Yurakucho Line Exit 3.

Ginza has a formality well-loved by culture fans. Some of the highest priced real estate in Japan is right around the Ginza 4-chome crossing. The old Kyukyodo stationery shop is there and the Wako department store flagship that is the symbol of Ginza. There is an entire galaxy of world-class luxury brand shop. It’s worth a visit just to gaze at some of the buildings designed by up and coming architects.

There are numerous shopping streets throughout the world where non-Japanese tourists throng. There are lineups from high-class brand stores such as Chanel and Gucci to fast fashion stores such as Uniqlo and Forever 21, as well as accessory shops.

How to go there:

By train >> Short walk from Ginza Station (H09) on Ginza Line or Hibiya Statio (H08) on Hibiya Line; or Ginza Station (M16) on Marunouchi Line; or Ginza Itchome Station (Y19) on Yurakucho Line.

Tsukiji Market is the largest central wholesale market in Japan has long supplied the kitchens of the huge city of Tokyo. Restaurants offering fresh seafood dot the market, as well the Jogal outdoor market.

How to go there:

By train >> Short walk from Tsukiji Shijo Station (E18) on Oedo Line Exit A1; 10-min, walk from Tsukiji Station (H10) on Hibiya Line Exit 1; 10-min, walk from Higashi Ginza Station (H09), (A11) on Hibiya/Asakusa Line Exit 6.

Tokyo Tower is built in 1958; the broadcasting tower is 333m high. You can enjoy a view of the entire city of Tokyo from the 150m high observatory and 250m high special observatory.

This place is Jinwoo (Winner) getting lost many times before arrives at Tokyo Tower by his own. Hihihi~

How to go there:

By train >> 5-min, walk from Akabanebashi Exit of Akabanebashi Station (E21) on Oedo Line; or 6-min, walk from Exit A1 of Onarimon Station (I06) on Mita Line; or 7-min, walk from Exit 1 of Kamiyacho Station (H05) on Tokyo Metro Hiniya Line; or 10-min, walk from Exit A6 of Daimon Station (A09) or (E20) on Asakusa Line or Oedo Line.

Tokyo Midtown is a new style of complex city based on the concept of “high-quality daily life in midtown Tokyo”. There are about 130 stores including fashion stores, restaurants, offices and a hotel in a large site.

How to go there:

By train >> Directly connected with Roppongi Station (E23) on Toei Oedp Line/Directly connected at Exit 8 with Roppongi Station (H04) 4a Exit via underpass/3-min, walk from Exit 3 of Nogizaka Station (C05) on Chiyoda Line.

Roppongi Hills – it is a cultural consisting of 210 shops and restaurants, a multiple-theater cinema complex, residential apartments, a hotel, a TV broadcasting station, an observatory and an art museum.

How to go there:

By train >> 0-min, walk from Roppongi Station (H04) on Hibiya Line Exit 1C; 5-min, walk from Roppongi Station (E23) on Oedo Line Exit 3; 5-min, walk from Azabujuban Station (E22) on Oedo Line Exit; 8-min, walk from Azabujuban Station (N04) on Namboku Line Exit 4.

Japan friends!

Okay! Now we back again to Tokyo Dome after out Tokyo Tour.

Of course! We are so tired walking among our tour places, but our tired was gone after watch and enjoy on YG Family 2014 Power Tour Concert at Tokyo Dome. When I saw Winner, Big Bang and Team B during their performance – I was crying. For me, that is first time I watch Winner and Team B make performance live on stage and I’m proud for them. First day concert was so happening and enjoy. We feel so excited for Day 2 concert of YG Family 2014 Power Tour Concert at Tokyo Dome.

After concert, we straight go back to our hotel for take rest and dinner. We so tired but so fun on our Day 1 journey at Tokyo City.

How to go there:

By train >> 5 min, walk from Suidobashi Station (I11) on Mita Line Exit A3.

~Day 2 Journey~

The End!!

<<<<<<<<Stay Tune>>>>>>>

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