[Travel] The Fantastic Family Vacation on Spring Season at Beijing, Hangzhou, and Shanghai, China in 2014!

by - Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hello! To all my friends & blog readers! (^_^)

I’m just back from holiday with my parents on last a few weeks ago. This year, we choose to go holiday at China by travel agent. This travel agent is quite famous in Malaysia. We take Apple Muslim Holiday as our travel agent for this vacation.

Actually, we make first decision to go holiday at Beijing, China but after discussion with travel agent, their make suggest to us for go holiday at Hangzhou & Shanghai, China too. Their also have holiday package in three state in China, such as Beijing, Hangzhou & Shanghai.  The tour fare for this holiday is not too expensive.

For us, we can’t go to China as free & easy traveler because our problem is communication & we don’t know anything about Chinese language. That why, we make decide to take service from travel agent for this vacation. If not, we will lost at China. Hahaha~ (^_^)

Our vacation are start on 5 April 2014 until 12 April 2014, the same date when I was go holiday to Seoul & Jeju Island, Korea on year 2013. This tour’s fare is RM 3,300 per person, that include air ticket for 2 ways by Malaysia Airlines, 4 stars hotels at Beijing, Hangzhou & Shanghai, Bullet train from Beijing to Hangzhou, transportations, China Visa, meals, tours, tour guide, entrance fees, & tipping. Maybe someone will think this price is quite cheaper, right? Hihihi…

After I go holiday to Beijing, Hangzhou & Shanghai, China – I can saw the different concepts of city in China. Why I said like that?

First, when we go travel at Beijing, China – I can saw the historical city in big city of China, especially during at The Great Wall & Forbidden City. This place are so beautiful and miracle for me.

 Second, when we go travel to Hangzhou, China – I can saw the relaxation city of China, because at Hangzhou, there are have the big lake & beautiful garden to relaxation with family & friends.

Last, when we go travel to Shanghai, China – I can saw the modern city of China. There is having a lot of higher buildings, especially at New Shanghai City.  

I want to tell you & update all about my first vacation’s story in year 2014 but~ I’m so busy with last preparation for second trip vacation in this year. (^_^)

Okay~ Next week, I will fight again~ This time, I will going holiday with my BFF again~ Hihihi~ (^_^) 

Where? Soon~ I will upload the pictures among of second holiday at my instagram & twitter.

Hits -> We will going holiday around country in Asia as free & easy travelers.

Anyone can guess it? Where we will going holiday this time?

I will update post all story about my vacation in this year, but after I back from second vacation soon. (^_^) Stay tune~

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