[News] Korea Plaza KL with New Styles of Website, 2014.

by - Monday, April 21, 2014

Today (April 21, 2014) Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) in Malaysia as known as Korea Plaza KL was launching the new style of their website. This times their website look so beautiful and great. At the same time, their also update latest information about Korea Tourism for traveler around the world. It’s easy for traveler to know the latest information before their will go vacation at South Korea, especially for free and easy travelers like me.

As you know, Korea Plaza KL already updates this information at their official Facebook.
Feel free to visit their website and register yourself as a Kaki Korea member (a new club for Korea Plaza KL) and you might be awarded with Korea Tourism Organization exclusive souvenirs*! (^_^)

P/S: For those already register for SKC or known as Saranghae Korea Club membership, Korea Plaza Kl was no longer using SKC card anymore. So you need to register back as Kaki Korea membership. It’s free for register at this website. Just click "my account' at the bottom side of their website and start register at Kaki Korea member. Follow the step. (^_^) I already register as Kaki Korea member, today.

Come and visit our new website and become a Kaki Korea member today! 

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