[News] Second Year Anniversary Blog Nina-Neulrin

by - Friday, January 03, 2014


Today (3rd January 2014) is second year anniversary of my blog Nina-Neulrin. Yeah!!!! Yahoo!!! I’m so happy!!! hahaha

My blog already been 2 years since I make this blog on 3rd January 2012 and the first topic is “안녕하세요” (Annyeonghaseyo), which is introduction about myself to readers. Even though, I’m busy with my work and study – I try my best to update this blog when I have free time or I got latest news about Korea and K-Pop event in Malaysia for share to everyone that have same interest with me. (^_^)

I would like to say “정말 감사합니다” (Thank you so much) for your supports and read my blog. I would do the best to improve and make this blog to look interesting for my readers and friends around the world. I hope all my readers, love to read my blog with the topic that I write and share on my blog in future. (^_~)

In the year 2014, I planning to do some project that related to Korea and K-Pop. I will tell everyone about the project in 2014, soon as possible when I ready. Actually, I already plan to do this project last year but so many things was happen last year, so I carried forward this project on this year. Hihihi 

Hint-> Korean Language

I hope all my friends and readers will give support to me. (^_^)

Actually, I register my name to Korea Tourism Organization in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (KTO KL Plaza) for Saranghaeseyo Korea Club – Chingu Program (Friend Program) on 20th December 2013 (Friday).

This program for who have interested to be supporter under KTO, which is have willing to volunteer in sharing the Korea related information such as Korean Cultural, Tourism as well as Hallyu (Korean Wave) through online within this 6 months period. This program is start on January 2014 until June 2014. The cool prizes such as AirAsiaX Return Tickets to Korea will be awarded to the qualified supporters. The benefit of this program are the supporter have opportunity to participate in Korea tourism and Korean culture related events and travel fairs; and each of the supporters is entitled to receive a souvenir from Korea Tourism Organization (KTO).

Actually, I want to get more experience when I join this program because I want to explore more about Korea, include Korea Cultural, foods, Hallyu and more. KTO give the announce of the shortlist for Saranghaeseyo Korea Club – Chingu Program (Friend Program) on 3rd January 2014, which is the same date of second year anniversary my blog Nina-Neulrin. I never expected can join this program because I know so many great candidates will join this program too but KTO Korea Plaza KL not announce yet, shortlist of Saranghaeseyo Korea Club – Chingu Program. Maybe I can’t join this program… Hmmmm… It’s okay… (^_^) I still love Korea and Hallyu…

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