[Giveaway] Korean Note & K-Pop Merchandises for 2nd Year Anniversary Blog!!

by - Friday, January 10, 2014

Before this, I announce about my blog’s anniversary for second year in this year. I also already choose some of Lucky K-Pop fans in Malaysia for free gifts. Their will receive Korean language note for beginner level and K-Pop Merchandises from me.
This gifts for celebrate my blog’s anniversary and I happy to share with them.

Here, the lucky of 8 persons that will receive these gifts from me:

1. Fiefa Iefa (Kuala Lumpur)
2. Zuera (Kuala Lumpur)
3. Syu Wada (Kedah)
4. Yunie (Gombak)
5. Nyna Hoyashanami (Perak)
6. Nur Insyirah (Pulau Pinang)
7. Aneng Filzah (Sarawak)
8. Filzha Filzah (Sarawak)

Some of them, I will meet around Kuala Lumpur to give this gift directly to them; and I also will post these gifts to their place as soon as possible for who can’t meet me. I hope you guys love this gift from me.

This Korean language Note, I make by myself when I was study Korean language last year (2013) at Inter-Culture Language School (ICLS) at Bukit Bintang, Malaysia for beginner level. I also make reference with other Korean language text books for extra knowledge and understanding. I hope you guys understand my hand writing. If you guys have any question about Korean language, you guys can email to me; and I will reply your email as soon as possible. I happy to help for who want to study Korean language. Here, my email: lee.enany@gmail.com

Enjoy and have fun studying Korean language!!!

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